Household hints

Furniture Polish

1 Cup Olive oil
10 drops of essential oil (lemon, orange, or other oil you like the smell of.

Put into a spray bottle and shake to mix. Spray sparingly onto furniture and wipe. Wipe with a second cloth to buff. I use this on my furniture made of real wood and not laminate. Laminate just keeps an oily residue. For Laminate wood I use the window cleaner.

Fake comet

Baking soda

Yes, that is it.  Works like a charm on nearly everything comet does.

1 Gallon All Purpose Cleaner

2 tablespoons ammonia
1 tsp liquid dish soap
1/4 cup vinegar
2 tsp Borax.

Fill a gallon container 3/4ths full of water, add above ingredients.  Add essential oil if desired.  Shake until well mixed.  Add water until full. Will foam some.  It’s okay to squeeze out the foam, ta da!  It is ready to use.

Spray bottle Cleaner all purpose
2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 tsp Borax
a couple of drops of dish soap such as Dawn (can be any brand)

Fill a spray bottle with water, vinegar, and borax.  Swish until mixed.  Drop a couple drops of dish soap

Glass Cleaner
1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol
1/2 cup of vinegar
1/2 tsp dish soap

Put rubbing alcohol and vinegar into a spray bottle.  Fill with water and add dish soap.  Shake and use.  Use 2 cups of water per rubbing alcohol, vinegar solution.

Fake Fabreeze

3 tbsp fabric softener
2 tbsp baking soda
Water to fill

I put the 2 tbsp’s of baking soda in first and then the fabric softener.  Then added hot tap water about a third of the bottle full.  I then covered the top of bottle and shook until the baking soda was dissolved.  I then added hot tap water to the fill line.

Bleach cleaner like Clorox Clean up

2  ounces bleach

Take spray bottle and add bleach.  Add water until filled.  Use just like Clorox


Dishwasher detergent


I measured out the Oxyclean, put a small squirt of dishwashing liquid. I did use Dawn, and just poured some vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher


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