Halloween Is Just Not My Holiday

Halloween is nearly here.  Children and adults alike will dress up and even decorate their homes. I have put the fall wreath and flag out, but no Halloween decorations.

Halloween is just not my favorite holiday.  I am completely unimpressed by the bloodied arms hanging out of auto trunks and the ghosts hanging from my neighbor’s tree.  Maybe it is my upbringing that gives me no interest in this holiday.  I tricked and treated as a kid in those plastic costumes with the hard plastic mask that always broke or your breath would steam up the inside of the mask while the rest of your body froze in the damp cold dark. I was an only child who always  went by myself.

My mom always attempted to bribe me not to go with 3 bags of my favorite candies. She disliked Halloween too. Mom looked at Halloween and trick or treat especially as begging.  When I became a preteen my church trick or treated for UNICEF. Mom had no issue with it and I didn’t have to go alone. We still dressed up and knocked on doors saying trick or treat for UNICEF.

By the time I was a teen I was very happy getting the three bags of candy and only felt left out when the other kids talked about how much candy they got. I really never got into the costume thing even as a teen.

Once I had kids we chose to send them to a Christian school. We lived in the country. There was no one close enough to let them trick or treat near us, so we chose to allow them to attend the school’s harvest party in costume.

I have no issues with the holiday per say.  I think some of the decorations are cute.  I adore seeing my grandkids in their costumes and having fun. We sent some candy to our grandson’s that are jars with  science experiments in them.  I love the song Monster Mash.  I love pumpkin, and I love the old campy monster movies.

I get it.  It’s the one holiday you can make believe you are anyone or anything for a day or night.  The last time I wanted to be someone or something other than what I am, was when I was about 10 years old. Some friends of my parents had a Halloween party for their kids and I was invited.  I dressed as a cheerleader and enjoyed it. I am so content  with who I am I just don’t understand why anyone would want to be someone else.

So, we will have candy for our nonexistent trick or treaters because we don’t live in a gated community. My  husband and I will eat pizza, drink beer, and watch old movies.   Just another day at the Drew’s.

If you are one of those who enjoys the holiday, enjoy and be safe. Please be patient with those of us who just don’t get the blood and gore side of the holiday.


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