My Daily SkinCare Routine Taken Straight From The Cupboard

Once we made the decision to begin a frugal lifestyle it soon became apparent that my habit of spending loads of money at Sephora on facial treatments was over.  It was sad because I adored Sephora and Ulta, but then again it wasn’t that sad because most of the products worked for a short time and then didn’t seem to give me the same results over time.  Of course the ones that did work were now to expensive for me.

It came to reason that if the cleaning supplies I have used over time could be replaced with all natural ingredients than why couldn’t I find solutions for my facial products? This began a search for replacements. I tried numerous recipes, tried all natural products, including African Black Soap and even wrote a post on it. I loved the black soap, but it is messy and dries my face when I use it twice a day.

The face wash I settled on was from the Homestead Hippy. It intrigued me that washing your face with oils could be good for your skin and cleansing at the same time.

So step one is cleansing


  • oil, sunflower, olive, grape seed, coconut, etc
  • castor oil
  • essential oil

This recipe has ratios rather than amounts.  The ratios are as follows:

  1. oily skin     30% castor oil to 70% oil
  2. normal skin 20% castor oil to 80% oil
  3. dry skin      10% castor oil to 90% oil
  4. a few drops of essential oil

With my dry skin I still use the oily skin ratio.  This is still very greasy.  I have been adding tea tree oil and am currently searching for a few other essential oils to help cleanse my skin.  I usually use grape seed oil or sunflower oil; This does not come off by just splashing water onto my face. You need a warm wet washcloth to gently remove the oils.

Step 2 is toning.  This step is one that I did back as a teen and really haven’t needed to do since I have stopped having acne.  This step is necessary when using this face wash.  The oil does not come completely off with the washcloth and has occasionally caused pimples to appear. I use witch hazel as my toner.  It removes the excess oil and tightens the skin.  My skin feels refreshed when this step is done as if it is a clean slate, ready for the next step.

Step 3 is moisturizing. Your skin needs moisturized even it is oily.  I didn’t believe this when I was younger.  I so wish I had listened to this advice, but the biggest issue I had back then was my acne.  I just couldn’t get rid of it. In my 30’s and 40’s I battled acne and wrinkles. I just couldn’t win.

I have found that the best answer for moisturizing my face has been oil.  Yes oil. I use three different kinds of oil.  They consist of argan oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.  I have tried olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, and a few other kinds that have left my skin greasy, but these three work amazingly well for me.  My skin is soft and clear skinned.

  1. Argan oil     The oil comes from the kernal of the argan tree. It grows in Morroco and is widely used in cooking in Morroco. It is a heart healthy oil. It can be used from head to toe as can the other two oils. It can be used in your hair, body, and face.The best thing about Argan oil is that our skin loves it. It absorbs into skin amazingly. There is no greasy feel. It is awesome! Read about Argan oil here. My issue is cost.  I primarily use Argan oil as an under eye moisturizer. Normal price at Amazon is $39.95. As of this writing it is on sale at $15.95.  This is for 1 ounce organic, high quality oil.
  2. Coconut oil   This oil is from the coconut as the name would suggest. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. This is also a great make up remover.  It hydrates dry skin and does not leave my skin greasy. I would suggest you read more about coconut oil at ehow.  This is a decently informative article. I use coconut oil as my daytime moisturizer. I don’t recommend this to anyone with oily skin as it is a heavy oil. The cost of coconut oil is quite a bit lower than Argan oil.  At 32 ounces of extra virgin coconut oil is $17.95 with free shipping. So you can see how cost effective it is
  3. Castor oil   This vegetable oil is from the castor bean. It is not the first oil I would ever dream of using. In fact I would never ever have used it prior to my research.  It has the sound of cod liver oil from my father’s day. It has many uses and you can find these uses here.  I learned that when it comes to wrinkles, acne, and skin rashes this stuff is the bomb. It is very heavy and greasy feeling for me so I use this as my night cream. The castor oil plumps your skin as you sleep. Please only use this product once a day. The wrinkle diminishing properties will actually reverse and the skin will slacken with to much use. That is not what I am after! Amazon has castor oil for $11.40 for 16 ounces.

So there you have it.  These are the steps for my daily skin care. They seem to be working as I get asked pretty regularly as to where are your wrinkles if you are over 50?  Let’s face it, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. These are just things I have tried for a long time and seems to work for me.  I can not guarantee how they will work for you!


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