My Garden Pictures

Yes, today is Monday and I don’t usually write on Monday’s, but I decided that I wanted to update you on our garden.  It is very early in our gardening season.  I took pictures and decided that they needed to be shared!  This is the best garden we have planted.

We lost the battle with the cantaloupes.  We need to attempt those again next year.  They don’t like getting water on them constantly. We replaced the cantaloupes with zucchini squash.  Not sure if they will make it or not.

We have loads of tomatoes and they look awesome!!!  The beans are doing really well and the peppers are growing leaves again.  My lettuce isn’t doing all that well at the moment, but I haven’t started the containers for the lettuce.  I have a wonderful looking Rosemary plant, and a few basil plants that have grown well with the old seeds I had.  We planted broccoli and the snails love it.

We have dealt with bugs and mold so far this season, but snails are truly the bane of my existence.  The bugs and mold we have found neem oil as a deterrent. We don’t seem to have bugs and it has done a great job and getting rid of the mold. Maybe the zucchini plants will make it if I got the neem oil on them in time.

But back to the evil snails.  They are in everything!  They have even attached themselves to my outdoor furniture.  I have tried beer traps and Demetrius earth or DE to stop the snails. The DE works for the first wave, but then the nasty things crawl over the dead ones!  The beer traps just were completely ineffective.  I have been removing the little buggers from the dirt and plants by hand.  I then place them into a disposable cup and poured diet pepsi onto them.  Well that is one way to get rid of them.  It is kind of ironic that my husband’s favorite drink kills garden pests.

Anyway, here are the pictures!

mint on the left and starter tomato plants and broccoli plants
zucchini plants and some peppers with a few beans on the right
Lyra and Courtney. She decided that since I was taking pictures I needed to take one of her.
Basil, green onions, and misc veggies
My Lemon tree!!!!

IMG_0288 IMG_0291

There you have it.  Hopefully I will be able to continue sharing the good news! Oh and by the way, I got a lemon tree!!!



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