Should Bert Kick Ernie To The Curb? A Sesame Street Dilemia

My eldest daughter posted a statement on Facebook.  She said that the more she watches Sesame Street, the more she thinks Bert should kick Ernie to the curb.

The thing is I haven’t watched Sesame Street in years until I started watching it for my Elmo obsessed granddaughter.  First impressions were not good, but it has grown on me.  I love seeing Maria, Gordon, and Luis as they are now.  I remember them as they once were.  The quality of the show has improved too.

I am impressed with the story lines.  They have educating preschoolers down to a T.  This brings us back to Ernie and Bert, because I too, once believed that Bert should kick pain in the butt Ernie to the curb.  Now don’t get me wrong,  Ernie is annoying.  He drags Bert into all kinds of things.  He is like that friend that gets you into all kinds of trouble, but you know, life is pretty boring without that friend.

You see, if you look at Bert, he seems pretty content with his pigeon friend Bernice and his buttons, but is he?  I contend that he is a very lonely muppet.  He knows what is going to happen every minute of the day.  His days begin and end the same.  He reminds me of my dad.  His life was pretty much the same every day.  He didn’t like the interruptions that life threw his way.  He could have learned a lot from someone like Ernie and Bert.

Look at how Bert handles the way Ernie acts. He gets angry and frustrated with Ernie, but along the way he begins to relax and enjoy the hi-jinx that Ernie brings his way.  In fact I think Bert stays friends with Ernie because he brings joy into Bert’s  life. He breaks up the day to day existence that is Bert’s life.

Flip the coin and you have Ernie.  Why would Ernie stay friends with stick in the mud Bert?  Ernie is fun loving.  He wants to push the envelope and see what happens.  I think he needs someone to be there with him. I think he is another lonely muppet.  I think that Bert brings Ernie back down to planet earth.  Bert grounds Ernie.

Why am I discussing Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street?  Because I think there is a bit of both of them in each of us.  They are two sides of a single coin, without one, you don’t have the other.  How many of us can relate to traits in Bert and Ernie?  I can be impulsive and excitable.  I can also have tunnel vision and unable to see the forest for the trees.

Sometimes I need that kick in the butt to get me out there trying things for the first time and sometimes I need that friend to just pull me back down to earth and say Hey, what do you think you are doing?

You see, kids and adults need a Bert and an Ernie in their lives.  Life would be boring without them.


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