What A Mess!

Oh, my gosh, the pictures you are about to see scare me and are really gross! So please view at your own risk!

For the past year I have pretty much worked seven days a week.  Not every week, but most of them. I worked for Bath & Body Works part time, at a major retailer as a vendor on Monday’s and Friday’s, and I babysit my grand daughter the rest of the time while her mother attends nursing school.  Cleaning has not been my strong suit for the past year. Oh I vacuum, do dishes, and clean up, but basic in depth cleaning just has not happened.

Recently I left Bath & Body Works. I now have weekends off to do the things I want to do.  This weekend I bought groceries. As I was putting them away, my male Sheltie, Blue started rubbing against my white louvre pantry door. I looked down at where he was scratching and YUCK!!!   That door was gross! I had ignored it for so long and now this really nasty door was looking at me. I could swear it was taunting me!

This is Blue. The cause of all my distress. lol
This is Blue. The cause of all my distress. lol
The disgusting door
The disgusting door

That was it.  I had to do something. I finished putting away my dishes and starting thinking of what I have on hand and what would work.  The first attempt was my all purpose cleaner with citrus vinegar added to the recipe.

Citrus  vinegar with all purpose cleaner
Citrus vinegar with all purpose cleaner

That did not work. Then I tried my vinegar window cleaner with rubbing alcohol and a dash of dish soap.

window cleaner with rubbing alcohol and a dash of dish soap.
window cleaner with rubbing alcohol and a dash of dish soap.

Not much better.

I refused to be defeated. I then tried straight Dawn dish washing soap.  I didn’t even bother with a picture it did not work. Now I took a break and just started to think about what I was cleaning. First this is a wood door with a slight attempt at painting it and even that paint is coming off.

The dirt here was from Blue so it had a dogs body oils combined with dirt. I don’t use dog shampoo because I have so much body wash on hand so I thought lets use body wash.  Maybe this will do it.  The body wash scent I used was coconut lime breeze by Bath & Body Works.  I applied this full strength onto a damp rag.

Body Wash full strength
Body Wash full strength

It did better, but just not good enough. The final attempt was some hand soap I had on hand.  lol  I had recently filled the soap dispenser in the master bath with some Lavender hand soap from Bath & Works. The bottle still had some left inside and I just could not throw it away. So, I added water to it.  I let the it foam up to the top of the bottle so there couldn’t have been more than 2 teaspoons of soap in the bottle and the rest was water. I put this onto a rag and then applied to the door.

The Lavender hand soap mixed with water.
The Lavender hand soap mixed with water.

The pictures all have a weird yellowish tone, but you should see it.  The door nearly looks like good as it did when we installed it!  I think this would have worked better if I had a spray bottle to spray the solution on to the door rather than a rag.  But then that is the point of being frugal. You make due with what you have on hand. I had a bucket of water next to me that I kept rinsing the rag out with.

I would think this would work with any hand soap just as well so don’t feel you must go to Bath & Body Works to get some, unless you just want to.

A slight disclaimer.  This seems to only work on oily dirt such as Blue’s or human hands touching the walls.  It does not work on plain dirty walls or kitchen cabinet doors. Of course I tried it.  I had to .  I was disappointed, but believe me it was so easy to clean up the yucky dog dirt on that door that I could still be happy.

I have to say keep experimenting.  You never know when stuff will work. I have used this on painted walls to a great success.  I love the idea of hand soap because it usually is a pleasant scent and can be diluted to a great extent.  One of these days I am going to make my own hand soap, but I have a lot of Bath & Body Works left so in the mean time I will be searching out the tools of the trade so to speak. I need to buy a double boiler so I can designate it as the non edible cooking pan, some tongs, and metal long spoons, and a pair of goggle.  Oh and the ingredients right?  Anyway have an awesome day and I look forward to your input!!


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