Hello Again,

It has been a series of ups and downs since my last post.  Where did the time go?  I stopped writing this blog as I was getting discouraged.  I came into the blog with a burning desire to help others as I went on the journey to find how to live happily while spending less money.  I also had a burning desire to earn a living off the blog.  No, I never expected to become as awesome as Jill from One Good Thing By Jillie.  I did want to earn enough off of the blog to take the place of a job for me. To be totally honest writing this blog is kind of a job.  It can take me a couple hours just to write the blog not the mention the time it takes to work on the recipes.   I had some mild success, but not enough to make it work.

As the saying goes everyone is a critic.  Everyone had advice of how to make this work and get my blog out there.  The problem always came down to money.  It takes money to try the recipes out there.  It takes money to promote the blog, and it takes money to have a web host.  My amazing friend Caitlin helped me with moving the blog forward.  I had enough funding to pay for one year.  I had hoped that Chris would see how awesome the blog was doing and help me move further and further into the direction I wanted to go.  That of course did not happen.

Time and money makes the world go around.  The love of writing that this blog has given me is precious.  The desire to continue to share my new finds of how to save money has never left me. The times I have started writing new posts only to delete them weighed on me.  Here I am starting anew sort of.  This is going to go back to being my blog, about me, about my life, my loves, and whatever crazy thing that pops into my head.  I doubt that I will write daily, but weekly may be the answer. 

To those of you who enjoyed me writing this please, please comment on the blog, in the comments if you can.  Let me know your ideas, share your thoughts, and maybe laugh a little or cry a little.  Please share posts when they affect you or are helpful.  A writer needs feedback and I guess I am sort of a writer. 

The next post I plan on writing will be an update of the past year and what has happened. Maybe now I can get back on the trail of creatively living with Sue.  🙂A few thoughts for the week.



3 thoughts on “Hello Again,”

  1. Yeah Sue!! Glad you are doing this again. If it makes you happy, do it! Looking forward to reading your posts!

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