Dishwashers and Washers Need Love Too

Dirty, grimy, smelly and just plain disgusting are a few ways to describe an unmaintained dishwasher.  Dirty and smelly do a great job of describing an unmaintained washer.  I have both and regularly maintain them both.

Have you ever noticed a funky smell from your laundry room or clothing? It just may be your washer.  The best thing to do is fill your washer with hot water and 2 cups of bleach.  Run it through a normal cycle.  This will clean the mold and mildew from the washer.  A good way to prevent mold and mildew build up is to leave the lid open after using.  I rarely have issues with any odor  now that I keep the lid open on my washer.

161 165

The dishwasher is a whole different story.  I noticed my glasses getting spotty and small pieces of food depositing in and on my dishes and glasses.   I had a couple of sample dish washing tablets so I used them.  This didn’t fix the issue.  I looked through my owners manual to see what was causing the issue.  It showed how to take the sprayer arms off and how to clean the drain.

I removed the arms and found debris in the nozzles.  Debris t158hat was stopping the flow of water.  Cleaned all this out and cleaned the drain.  I then ran a light load with 2 cups of vinegar and another light load with 2 cups of bleach.  Once this was done I wiped down the seals and door.

I can’t believe how gross it got.

This is clean except for the rust stain on the left.  The dishwasher works great and my dishes come out clean without any spots or deposits.  I make sure this is done each time I add salt to the water softener, which is about once a month.

The washer I maintain about once every six months.  I like to take care of the appliances that take care of us.


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