A Quiet Reprieve from the Cold

I almost didn’t write a post today.  The weather outside is amazing!  We spent the last couple of days in the deep freeze here in Central Florida.  The sun is now shining and the temperatures have soared. 

I am having a rough day with the perimenopause.  Taking naps has gotten to be a lesser event in my life, but today and yesterday have been rough.  I accomplished very little was yesterday and I was determined that would not be the case today. 

With that in mind, I chose to wash my laundry and hang everything on the line.  Right now I have the last of the large loads and have two small loads to go.  It is 3:30pm and the sun is not going to make it to finish the last load.  I really wish I could talk my husband into a drying rack.  I hate to use the dryer in nice weather.  Speaking of talking my husband into things, I got my freezer last night!  He is already calculating how much meat he can freeze in the new freezer and my refrigerator’s freezer.  He makes me laugh.

I am working on a peroxide and baking soda paste to clean my shower.   The amazing bathroom cleaner that I posted at this link http://wp.me/p343c3-c9 works on porcelan and fiberglass tubs, but not mine.  We refinished the shower stall with an epoxy paint. The soap scum and hard water stains leave the shower floor an ugly yellow.  I will let you know if it works. The other thing I will be working on is a good Lemon cupcake.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Hope you hare have a wonderful day with lots of bright sunshine.  I know Central Florida does not know what winter really is, but to us it gets cold! 



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