Stock Up To Save On Groceries

Groceries were always a center of disagreements in our household.  My husband never understood just how we could spend so much money on groceries.  He was always attempting to change and lower my grocery budget.   He never quite understood that groceries don’t always just mean breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It means snacks, pet foods, cleaning supplies, paper products, and personal products in addition to meals. 

He just never understood why would we need meat when we had a whole hog in the freezer. He also never quite got how much food the kids would eat when the kids were home.  I was pretty blessed because we purchased a months worth of groceries at a time, snacks and all.  My kids never ate the snacks unless they asked.  This way we were able to keep plenty of stuff in the house.  We had to have plenty of toilet paper, shower get, and shampoo too. It takes a lot to keep a house with 4 women together. 

He actually used to go with me just to make sure I didn’t buy anything extra or buy any of the things he thought I didn’t need to buy.  You do not want to see what kind of crazy this woman can be when someone takes stuff out of the grocery cart after she put it in.

Things have gotten so much easier now that it is just the two of us.  He has gone grocery shopping with me enough to know how much things are.  He has also gotten a little more laid back.  He tells me how much money I have and eats what ever I put in front of him without complaining. 

I have always shopped using a grocery list.  I have found that shopping bi weekly saves me time and money.  I have written my opinion of coupons before so I won’t get into that, but I have wanted to stock up for years.  The more research I have done the more I realize that stocking up on a years worth of groceries seems to be the way to save money. 

The people who stock up, purchase everything they will need for a year.  The know about how much meat, veggies, fruits, grains, and spices they will need for one year.  They adjust the amounts as they use up the surplus.  Once they are done stocking up they then just replace what they use as they see things on sale. 

A great example of this are whole turkeys. This past year a whole turkey went for less than $1 a pound.  I bought 3 turkeys.  One for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and one is in my refrigerators freezer waiting to be used.  I would have bought at least 12 if I could have. No storage means no extra turkeys. 

We stocked up a few years ago in order to save money to buy our house.  We were able to save an amazing amount of money and now own a home debt free.  This past Christmas I had over bought a bunch of food.  I didn’t have to buy much in the way of groceries for 2 weeks. This opened my husband’s eyes.  He determined that we needed to stock up for a year. 

This year for  Valentines day he gave me a choice of dinner out or a gift.  I chose the gift because I can make a great dinner, but there are a couple of things I would like to have around the house.  The most important item is an upholstery steamer.  I couldn’t find one for the amount of money he was giving me for my own gift. 

The idea popped into my head that I should get some green coffee beans for roasting.  I have 6 pounds coming for $39.  I am thrilled.  I also put my money where my mouth is.  I want to stock up.  I will take even my gifts and spend the money on stocking up!  I found out that green coffee beans can be stored for up to 2 years where as the roasted beans can’t be for all that long.  Now my goal is to save up for another 20 pounds or so for the year. 

I had a conversation with my husband about a freezer. I told him that I refuse to be stressed out for Christmas 2013.  I work the most hours at that time  My stress level from work and family get togethers is crazy high. I informed him that I was buying a freezer in October.  He listened and never said a word.  Tomorrow I get my freezer!  This will cost $30 a year to run electrically.  It will lower my costs because I can purchase meat on sale for less.  It will also help me out when I am working because I can freeze meals for thawing out when I can’t cook. 

I am already seeing a huge difference in my grocery budget.  I was able to buy 2 dozen rolls of paper towels on sale, 2 pounds of crab legs for Valentine’s dinner, 2 containers of the toothpaste we use, 2 med bottles of gain dish washing liquid for the sink, and a couple of bottles of contact solution for Chris without going over on our grocery budget.  I was able to continue stocking up with on a grocery week with grocery money.  I even made a order for $23 and I still didn’t go over!

I am shopping the sales fliers for Publix, Winn Dixie, and Big Lots.  I have been buying the buy one get one items and just keeping my eye out for special priced items.  I think we are learning a new way to be frugal!!!!


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