Cute Valentines Day Gift for Boys and Girls

Readers of this blog know I have 6 grandchildren.  Two of whom are under 4 months old.  The two granddaughters are here in the same town as we are.  The two boys are 15 hours away.  The older kids are between the ages of 3 to 9 years old.   It is really important to me that they know they are loved by us.  I have a tough time with the fact that the boys are so far away.  I feel terribly blessed that the girls are here in the same town.

They all have so many toys and the cost of shipping is higher than I like.  We prefer to spend the same amount per child.    I was looking through  Pinterest searching for cute ideas that would work for both boys and girls when I came upon the cutest thing.  All I needed was 4 kinds of candy, some card stock paper, zip lock sandwich bags and a stapler.  This was even something I could do with me fumbling craft thumbs. lol

The pin lead me to this site  This is my finished product.

2013-02-08 21.57.432013-02-08 21.57.332013-02-08 21.57.25

The pictures are just not that great, but the printables  say have a JOLLY Valentines day, using jolly ranchers, Love BUGS using gummy worms, and the last one says Hugs and Kisses using Hershey Kisses and Hugs.

I mailed these out a couple of days ago to the boys and will be dropping these off to the girls after school today.

The only thing I did differently was the original pinner used a clothes pin to hold the labels on.  I used staples because the box to ship this in was not large enough to accept anything more.

Hopefully this is a good Valentines day for everyone.  We will be celebrating  this weekend instead of today.  I realized after writing this post there are so many things I could say about Valentines day.  I think other bloggers will do a great job of telling those things.   Hug your loved ones daily and let them know you love them every day not just on one!


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