A blog from the past! 48 and forgetting everything!

Tuesdays will be a day of sharing my older blogs from the Blogger site. Now I won’t be sharing all the blogs because some are just plain irrelevant.  Enjoy and have a great day!


48 and forgetting everything!

Crazy day today.  Woke up exhausted and walked the dogs.  They really enjoyed it.  The more I get the little doggies back into a routine, the faster they will readjust to being home.  We left them in the care of my son.  He did pretty good. 

I forgot to make stuffed chicken, went to the bank and made my deposit for $20 less than it was supposed to be.  Of course the snotty little teller informs me that at least I got the day correct.  This was after her insulting the fact that I made a mistake.  Sigh…  Then I went to the library.  Had to take a book back.  I was speaking to my daughter before I went in.  I leave my purse in the SUV because I just hate carrying that thing.  Went to the card catalogue online and searched for a bread baking book.  Check out my 3 books and go to my SUV and I can’t fine my keys!  I call my husband.  Of course he doesn’t answer, I go back to the computer and the very nice gentleman who found them told me where they were!  Yippee!  My keys were found.  I think I am getting forgetful in my old age.

I’ve come up with a really great idea for my own business.  The first step is getting our savings built up.  I just got a seasonal job at Hickory Farms and am so excited!  This can get us finished with the savings quicker than before.  Then I have to find another job part time to save money to start this business.  I have decided to bake my amazing muffins, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and maybe a couple more ideas. Plus I would sell herbs and spices for cooking.  I can’t wait!  I’m researching cottage industry laws in Florida.  The job I am getting seems to be a sort of challenge to see if I can sell for them.  If I can do it for them I can do it for me!

Spent the past couple of days cooking pumpkin from the actual pumpkin.  I also made some pretty good roasted pumpkin seeds.  Before we went on vacation I made some apple butter.  I even made my own ricotta cheese.  Still working on it, but it made my manicotti taste awesome! So I have lots to start telling you all about.  Starting tomorrow I will be taking pictures and showing you what I am doing.  

Watching Tron on Netflix.  Stars will be leaving Netflix so I want to get the viewing pleasure in.  Yes, we stayed with Netflix.  Not happy that they have lost Stars, but I really don’t mind not getting DVD’s in the mail.


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