Just Where Has This Day Gone?

Just where has this day gone is a question I have been asking myself for the past week.  I look at the clock on my computer and realize it is 1 pm.  What have I accomplished today?  More today than yesterday.  More yesterday than the day before, but that sure isn’t much.

I have been struggling since New Years Eve when I was laid low by whatever flu or cold that has been going around.  I forget to take my progesterone and black cohash consistently, I have slept on/off, mostly off and I wake up sluggish.

Not to mention the soon to be dead issue that my husband and I have dealt with forever is rearing it’s ugly head.  To be fair I knew it was coming and I knew it was now, but why does every single thing have to turn into a 3 or 4 day struggle with this mess?

I switched the dogs back to home made dog food and Courtney was doing her got to go potty dance at 2:30 am and 6:30 am.  Chris went back on the “normal” schedule and came home just as I was going to bed last night so that did not help.  

Today the sun is shining more than it has the past couple of days and I feel better.  There are 3 loads of bedding on the line drying.  Take that FPL!  I don’t need you and your electric to dry my clothes!

I am getting ready to try a Rachel Ray tomato sauce recipe as I am getting tired of my own.  I have to get the dinner schedule back onto Chris’ schedule.  Hopefully today is the first day of being normal!

I have to give a shout out to my friend Caitlin.  She read the last blog and has offered to help me set up a webpage and fix it up right.  I will be working on moving this site to a new company soon.  Thank God for answered prayers!


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