Seasonal job is nearly over.

Things have been crazy around here!  I kept up with this blog until my job got busy and then life got even crazier.  Either that or I am just not physically able to keep up like I used to.  I have a feeling it is more that I can’t keep up anymore.

I think my current holiday position is nearly done. I have a call in shift today and a final shift as of Saturday.  At least I think it is the final shift as I can’t see anything scheduled for the following week and the schedule has been completed since last Sunday.  For those of you who don’t know, I was granted an opportunity to work for Bath and Body Works this past holiday season.

Those of you who shop there need to understand the incredible amount of work and manpower needed to just handle the amazing amount of business this company does.  The organizational skills and great attitudes of the people who work there are amazing.  The Melbourne, Florida store boasts of some awfully great managers and I was so blessed by the opportunity of working with them.  Leila, Natasha, Pat, and Nicki are so great at their jobs.  They know what they are doing.  They understand the people who work for them. They are also not jaded by all the years of retail experience that can affect attitudes towards their seasonal employees.  They set a tone of professionalism and positivism that I just loved working in.

I have to say that Bath and Body Works is probably the best retail company I have ever worked for.  I have worked for quite a few too.  They hired twenty six seasonal workers, of which I was number twenty five.  I had no hope for permanency as the store is small and they don’t seem to have a big turn over.  I tried to walk in every day with a smile.  I chose to live the mantra that to fake it is to make it. Meaning that I made my attitude positive by choosing to be positive.  It works wonders.  I learned a long time ago that my attitude seems to infect those around me.  The best compliments I got were from one of the other seasonal hires, Ava, as she said how she loves working with me because I am so bubbly.  No, really she was speaking of me!  The second was on Christmas eve and a customer just commented on how cheerful I was.

Working for Bath and Body Works compared to the place I worked at in 2011 is night and day.  The processed food that I sold grossed me out last year.  The products I sold at Bath and Body Works this year are more natural and less of an issue for me.  I fell in love with the candles, wallflowers, and car scents.

I was really sad the other day whining to my mother about my not being scheduled next week.  It is really tough when you give everything you have and nothing comes from it.  My mom asked me if I had given it everything I had.  Well I did.  She then said, it is not the job for you.

I have a dream.  I have a dream or vision if you will of a business for me.  A web page, a small store front to work out of, selling homemade herbal products. spices, spice mixes, a small kitchen selling a limited amount of baked goods (maybe), freshly roasted coffee, cleaning supplies, and other all natural products made or shown how to be made by yours truly.  The time at Bath and Body Works has meant a small amount of monies toward that goal.  My prayer and goal is to get this thing up and running. Sadly it means that I am the only one in the house who thinks it will work.  My husband has been burned to much in the past that he won’t financially contribute and to an extent I don’t want him to.  Any way please keep me in prayer that the vision is more defined and clear and attainable.


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