My cookie list this year

Today was supposed to be a post on a cookie that I made last week.  Just an oatmeal cookie with craisens and white chocolate chips. Unfortunately my husband has asked that I do not share this recipe as he thinks I should submit them in a cookie contest.  He was so excited you should have heard him. He spoke about how the flavors burst in his mouth.  He raved and raved about them.  I cracked up!  Not sure if I will follow up on the contest idea, but we will see.

Anyway, I decided to stick with the cookie theme and give you a list of the cookies that my kids demand year after year.   If you get a chance share with me what cookies, if any, you make.  Cookies are kind of like my Thanksgiving meal.  I can’t leave any of the kids favorites out.  I also rarely add to or change the recipes.  Chris actually got mad at me last year because I made all kinds of cookies, but no plain peanut butter or oatmeal cookies.  Since when did these become his favorites?  Last I knew it was a basic chocolate chip that he loved.

The list is long as with 4 kids and 1 husband they have 5 cookies that are their favorites.  Add my son in law and my grandson’s requests now we are up to 7 types.  Since the freezer is full and our middle daughter won’t be here until after Christmas, I am not sure when I will be baking, but soon my friends, soon.  I may not even be cooking my huge breakfast this year.

Now you know that every list starts out with chocolate chip cookies!
1.     Chocolate chip cookies were the one Chris would request for Santa on Christmas eve.  Therefore you would think these are his favorites.
2.     White chocolate chip cookies with pecans.  This started out as a basic white chocolate chip cookie with macadamia nuts, but the pecans give it a richer, stronger nut flavor.
3.     Mint chocolate chip cookies.  This is a new one.  My eldest grandson called me last year and asked for me to bake him cookies and send them to him.  That I did, but had to ask his mom what were his favorite cookies.  This was it.  The cookie went over well with the rest of the family so it is the newest addition to our cookie list.

4.     Kristen’s favorite are the jam thumbprint cookies.  I get bored with the same old strawberry preserves so I add raspberry, and other flavors to the cookies. I have even added Nutrella to the cookies.

5.    Heather’s favorite are pecan sandies or snowball cookies.  These seem to have lots of different names. These are one of my favorites too.

6.     Stephanie’s favorite are the sugar cookies iced.  Now mine never come out as cute as the ones in the picture, but they taste pretty good.  I just don’t have the patience to make mine look pretty. I usually have kids helping with the decorations.

7.    Another rather new cookie to our list is the peanut butter cookie with Hershey kisses in the middle.  Our son in law Joseph has asked for these to be made.

These are the basics for us. I usually add a few others for fun.  I may do one or a combination of these 4 cookies.
1.     Oatmeal scotchies
2.     Orange cranberry pinwheels.  I love these, but they are a little tart for the family so maybe I will try a recipe I found for blueberry pinwheels.
3.     Peanut butter.  For my husband and his new found love for an old favorite.
4.     7 layer bars.  Why?  Because these things are the bomb cold just out of the freezer

I have a few others that I will be making this year.
1.     The first one on the list is the new oatmeal cookie that my husband raves about.
2.     The other one is a peppermint almond bark.  This year I am going to use chocolate mint candy canes crushed instead of peppermint candy canes.  Yes these are not cookies, but they will end up on the cookie trays anyway.

Recipes are easy to find.  Google and you will find all kinds of recipes. I keep things pretty simple.  I use my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and a few recipes written in my notebook (my cooking Bible).  The chocolate chip is the toll house recipe.  I have heard all about the New York Times “amazing” chocolate chip coolie, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the original toll house recipe.  I made it, served it to my husband, and he said they are good.  Not these are awesome or any other statement of awe.  If they don’t make him react with excitement forget about them!

Remember there are 14 days to Christmas eve.  Has anyone ever made a birthday cake for Jesus?  I did it one year and it just didn’t go wow.  I ended up with lots of left over cake.  Maybe a cookie cake would be a better idea to keep the reason for the season front and center?


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