Pinterest Failure

Have you ever made anything off of Pinterest?  I have.  The vast majority of the time the things I have made worked out great.  Then you will come across something that just sounds amazing and comes out horrible.  There is even a website for Pinterest failures. It is called Pinstrosity.  This site is nearly as addicting as Pinterest.   I post to Pinterest when I come up with something I love on this blog. In fact the last thing I uploaded was the sweet potato casserole from my spice sage.

I love spending way to much time searching Pinterest for new improved ways to do things.  I have found some very amazing bloggers through Pinterest.  I also love looking at the historical pictures and travel places the world over. The most time I spend is to find aides in living more frugally.

 I also marvel at all the really difficult things that people create or make.  Have you seen these things. This morning I found a pin for elf size pancakes. Who makes these things up and how much time do they have on their hands?  I think they are adorable, but do you realize how long you will stand at a hot griddle dripping pancake mix onto the griddle?  I mean by the time you get the first row done you have to flip the ones you poured already.  Anyway…..

Ages ago I pinned to my saving money board on Pinterest a pin for instant refried beans.  Sounds great right?  The picture shows this mix with the beans and spices in a large container.  It looked like such a great idea.  It seemed easy enough.  I decided that it was time to try it and share with you all.  It was such a miserable failure.

The recipe called for you to put the beans into your food processor and grind into flour.  My Kitchen aide is a small food processor so I started with 1 cup of beans.  15 minutes later there was still mostly bean and a little bean flour.  I got out my handy dandy grain grinder and hand ground 3 cups of beans.   I then added all the necessary spices and mixed with a whisk until the spices were spread though out the beans.  I stored the mixture in a sealed airtight container.  The next few days would be tacos, nachos, and ta-nachos (tacos and nachos). So I followed the instructions and added 3/4 cup of bean mix with 1 1/2 cup of boiling water. I stirred it with a fork and it thickened nicely.  I was impressed until I tasted it.  YUCK!  It was lacking something so I went over the recipe.  I followed all instructions and correctly added the ingredients.  I added salt, more chili powder, and some ancho chili powder.  I added to much salt so it has been thrown into the trash.

This has been the worst of any of the Pins I have tried that have failed.  So now I am on the prowl for a good refried bean recipe and a taco seasoning recipe.  Wish me luck as I try a few things to decorate my home for the holidays!


One thought on “Pinterest Failure”

  1. Per my friend Nancy who has far more experience making refried beans. lol Ok, here is how to salvage your bean flour. When you want to make it, try sauteing onions & garlic in canola oil in your skillet, then add your re hydrated beans to it. Add more salt to taste as needed but the oil and onions should remedy the lack of taste. When I make beans here, I pressure cook them with no spice added what-so-ever and they would taste horrible straight from the pan. But I grind them in my Champion juicer and then cook them in the manner I just said. They are to die for

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