Making a List! Christmas time is here!

Now that Thanksgiving is over Christmas is right around the corner!  We have decorated most of the house, inside and outside.  We have lost quite a few of our outside ornaments so we are in a rebuilding stage.  By  having lost last years ornaments I mean we have quite a few that just gave up and died.  So sad!  We bought a small Snoopy that lights up and a small Rudolf  that lights up too.  I love Rudolf and Chris loves the Peanut gang, so there you have it.

not my tree, but sort of like it. Can’t wait for my camera to get here!

I still have the tree to complete.  We are not using garland this year.  I found a couple of things from my Pinterest holiday board that I hope to make this year. Then we shop!  We don’t have all that much to shop for this year. We have finished up with the 2 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, and 1 whole family.  Now we need ideas for Kristen and fam, and Scott and fam.  We already know what to do for Heather and her family.  The whole gang will be here this year and I am so excited!

I learned my lesson from Thanksgiving and planning is the name of my game this year.  I am planning out the house cleaning as we have nearly an extra week of Holidays, plus we don’t know when Heather and her family are coming by so we may have an even longer time to plan.

Cookies are on my list of planning out and so is Christmas breakfast.  We may have to move breakfast over to Orlando just in case our eldest has her baby that week before Christmas.  I love this time of year!

What are you planning this year?  What cookies or snacks do you  have every year?   Later on I will write on my cookie list and cleaning.  Have a wonderful day all!


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