My Paper Towel Habit

Hello.  My name is Susan and I use paper towels. I use them as tissues, I use them to clean windows and things I don’t want to touch.  Like dead bugs.  I use them to clean the toilet seats in my house.  I use them for things I don’t want to touch and reuse the cloth that cleaned them.

Seriously  though have you one item that you would like to eliminate, but just can’t?  I mean being frugal means saving money every where you can, right?  My item is paper towels.  A roll of paper towels cost over $2 a roll. Well, the brand I use costs over $2 a roll.  I use Viva paper towels. They feel like using a cloth towel.  They do not fall apart while using them.

I have seen cool ideas on Etsy such as reusable cloths that snap back together and they come off the holder just like a roll of paper towels.  What an awesome idea, but wait.  What happens when they get stained?  I mean my rags are stained from cleaning spills and dusting.  I would have to put them in the rag basket.  I have also seen where people actually purchase items to make rags.  That made me laugh.  My rags are stained dish clothes and old towels that had holes or were just worn out.

I am not totally a wasteful person when it comes to paper towels.  I may use one roll every two or three weeks.  I have a container full of rags to use on most spills and while cleaning. The paper towels are used to clean mirrors and glass.  They are also used to clean up after our twelve year old cat when he decides to pee on the bathroom floor.

We do not subscribe to any newspapers so I can’t used old newspaper for cleaning windows.  I also don’t feel comfortable using a rag on my counter that was used to clean up cat pee.  Yuck!  Now my husband says throw the cat out, but he is twelve (the cat not the husband) and I can’t quite kick him out of the house.  Besides Mr. Kitty looks at me with those big green eyes and I melt.

I have to say that I have come to terms with my “wasteful” use of paper towels.  One day Mr. Kitty will go to the big mouse hunt in the sky and I will cut back even further on my paper towels usage, but until I can find another way to clean the windows, Viva it is!  Now all I need is some coupons to stock up.


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