Baby makes his debut!

Good morning!  The air is very crisp and cool outside my house this very pretty November 2nd. Before I get to my post this morning I would like to say that my heart goes out to those out there who have been impacted by Sandy.  The devastation I have seen on  TV is terrible.  We here in Florida certainly understand what you are going through.  My prayers are with you all.

Today is going to be a random thought kind of day.  I got home around 4 pm yesterday from Jacksonville where our youngest daughter gave birth to her first baby,  He is adorable!  He was 8 pounds 2.8 ounces.  This makes 3 boys and 2 girls for us. One more little one on the way in December!

I drove up to Jacksonville on Wednesday morning.  They were to be at the hospital at 7:30 for our daughter to be induced.  I got there around 10:30 am.  I drove through historic St. Augustine and then on A1A (the road in Florida and maybe other states that follows the Atlantic ocean.).  Then we waited and waited.  Babies just come when they are ready and not in our time frame.  He waited until November 1st to make his appearance.  My son in law’s parents and myself were not able to see him until 6 am after he was born at 3:44 am. Our daughter wanted a Halloween baby, but got an All saints day babe instead. The truth is by the time she gave birth she just didn’t care!

We forgot to buy candy for Halloween as I wasn’t about to have any in the house before Halloween.  I didn’t want the temptation.  Chris worked ( he can never gets days like off when momentous things happen in our lives) and he forgot to buy any candy.  He also forgot to put the trash out for trash day.  Poor guy!

2012 Halloween was eventful for the Drew grand kids as you can see.  Aodhan (pronounced Aiden) was busy being born.  Hunter, Josh, Amber, and Kaylea were going all out for Halloween candy!  My kids were deprived of Halloween trick or treat as we didn’t live in a good area for trick or treat.  I was also raised with a mommy who hated trick or treat.  It was begging as far as she was concerned.  The kids attended a christian school that held harvest festivals, which I was far more approving of.  My kids love Halloween.  It’s funny how you change as you get older.  Now?  I’d dress them up and take them trick or treating.  Things like this only have a bad meaning if you choose to take it that way.  (my opinion!)

I planned this time out so well!  The house was perfectly clean.  There were not even dishes in the sink!  Well except for my breakfast dishes.  I had made enough dinners for Chris to eat on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday when he got home I had fresh french bread with home made chicken soup.  I had also made a shrimp pasta with a light Alfredo sauce.  He decided that he wanted the pasta that night.  I said that is fine, but it is two days worth of meals.  I got up on Wednesday and there was barely enough pasta left for a snack.  I was not a happy camper!  I called him from the hospital and asked him what he are for dinner.  My husband does not talk all that much on the phone so conversation can be limited.  He said soup.  Okay…  I got home and there was just enough soup for one bowl each.  Plenty of bread though.  So that was dinner. He came home and said so what are we eating for dinner?  Having been up since 6 am on Wednesday with a catnap in the hospital parking lot and one more catnap in a rest stop on I95 I was not exactly thrilled to hear that question.  I guess the next time something like this happens I will need to divide everything up and tell him you may eat this on this day and so on.  

The most ironic thing of the day was a text he sent me on Thursday morning. Chris has mastered his camera phone and sent me the above picture with the words “they just got up”.  It was 8:45 am.  These 2 wake me up at 6:30 to 7:00 am every morning without fail!  In fact this morning Blue decided that he needed me up and licked my hand and whined until I finally got up.

We have quite a busy weekend planned.  It is grocery day, our eldest daughter and her husband are coming over, Saturday we were heading back to Jacksonville to see our daughter and her family. and Sunday we are heading to Orlando to have breakfast with our eldest daughter and family. My husband’s aunt and uncle will be there too.  Somewhere in that weekend I will need to do the homework from Thursday that I missed and get the laundry done.  Oh and I need to actually finish the 4 blog posts that I have waiting to publish.  Have a great weekend!

Oh and one more thing…..Only 4 more days left of political commercials!


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