Help the camera is broken!

You may have noticed that I am using more images that are not my own.  I really hate this.  You see my camera is broken.  It can still be used, but is a pain.  A last yeart the little plastic clip that held the battery and memory card down broke. It broke just as we were going on vacation.  I panicked and found a way to fix it.  Recently I was taking it to take some pictures of some work my husband and son did on a house.  I was distracted and dropped it.  Now the door to the battery compartment won’t stay closed with the cardboard piece that holds the battery down in the compartment.  Without that the camera won’t turn on.  So I now have a piece of duct tape holding the door closed. That really isn’t working because now I have to press on it in the right place for it to work.  Besides it looks so bad.

I decided to write a blog about my hope for a future camera.  I have freely written about how difficult our finances are so somehow I will have to find someone who can fix my camera until I can find one I can afford.  Since it is not a necessity that will be a while.  I say that with a smile on my face.  God is good and he will help free up some money  or I deal until finances free up.

I know I want another Olympus.  This one has been durable and long lasting. It takes very good pictures and is very easy to use.  I like easy to use.  I think I have decided to watch out for  Olympus FE-340 8.0  Digital Camera.  It has one other feature that I love.  It comes in different colors.  Yes I know that has nothing to do with the function of the camera, but I am a sucker for color. It even comes in dark pink!

I found it on Amazon in the hot pink shade for $109.  Not a bad price.   I have the XD card that only Olympus uses.  This looks just like mine and from what I understand it is an upgrade from mine.  Since mine is over 5 years old maybe it is an upgrade on the upgrade on the upgrade.

Have a great day, I will just go back to work now thinking of this cute little camera.  lol


2 thoughts on “Help the camera is broken!”

  1. My mom and I both bought the Olympus FE-310 about 4 years ago at Meijer. We love them. However, Meijer has stopped carrying them, hence stopped carrying the XD memory cards…. Haven't taken the time but will check Amazon to see if they have them.

  2. Aww! Thank you, but we decided to get a camera for both of us as our Christmas gift. We got a Canon because we couldn't find the Olympus. I love mine and hope to find someone to fix mine anyway.

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