The end of the vacation and back to reality!

We ate a very quiet breakfast at the Hampton Inn in Toledo and headed out on our way.  We stopped at Meijer and picked up some more lunch meat.  It was very nice to be headed home.  I am not a big fan of Ohio.  Sorry to all, but a huge Michigan fan here.  Whenever I travel through Ohio I am on my way home or to my destination.  I am usually tired and ready to be done driving.  This drive was terribly uneventful.  In fact the whole trip that day was uneventful, boring even.  We stopped in South Carolina for the night.

We stayed at another Hampton Inn. This was an older hotel and the best thing was the fact that Hampton Inns washes the duvet cover and the sheets.  I actually relaxed.  I still checked for bedbugs though.  None were found at either Inn.  We really over spent our budget.  Chris had a couple of things he was looking for and Hampton suited the bill.  We blew the budget in the first night.  We had not purchased much on this trip.  He felt we should indulge. The funny thing is prior to our loss of  my income and the beginning of our frugal lifestyle we would not have even worried about the cost of the hotel.  We would have searched for the best deal and I would have pushed for Holiday Inn for the bonus points.

The next morning after breakfast we headed to Jacksonville to see our youngest daughter and her husband.  It was very nice to have spent so much time with the people we love.  We had lunch at the Bahama Breeze.  It has a good amount of meals that are vegetarian friendly.  It was okay.  I seem to have developed a critical eye or should I say taste towards restaurants.  The food should be flavorful and have a great presentation. Really the food should be great.  It is very easy to make mundane food. My thought is if I can make it as well as the restaurant than it is not worth the money we spent.

That being said I should have planned the restaurants out better.  We seem to go to chain restaurants.  Unless we are speaking of Carraba’s Italian Grill or Texas Road House, I just am not impressed.  Those two restaurants provide very flavorful food at good prices.  I think our next trip I will find better places to eat that are not chains.  (I didn’t dislike Bahama Breeze.  It was good for what it was.)

We got home around 6:30 that night.  I was thrilled to see our bed, our dogs, and our cat.  It was just so nice.  We settled in and relaxed.

The trip was fun, we got to see lots of family. We had a wonderful time with our kids.  We got a few things to stock up on and celebrated our wedding anniversary.  We saw some fall foliage.  I was able to share an experience with Chris that I have dreamed of for 3 years.  We picked up the last of the business records that we needed.  I had a fantastic reunion with 4 special women.  We just plain had fun.  We purchased 50 pounds of wheat berries, 25 pounds of flour, and 25 pounds of sugar, and a huge thing of baking soda. We also got one of our granddaughter’s birthday present.

Chris went back to work the next day and I went back to school.  It takes me time to get back into my routine and get organized again.  Sadly, I just can’t wait to do it again!

As I write this blog I again think of the differences between how I do a road trip and my husband does a road trip.  I normally use gas buddy, but for some reason the night before we left the site would not compute a trip.  I put in the trip to estimate the cost, but it would not list where to get gas and at what price.  Without a laptop we couldn’t even pull up the site along the way.  I really need to get into the 2010’s and get a 4G phone.  I stay in places that cost $60 and are clean.  Chris decided to find a place that was nice and not worry about the cost.  I prefer to not eat breakfast out and I bring far more fruit and healthy snacks.  He prefers chips and junk. By not stopping anywhere other than St. Genevieve we saved money.  But I would have spent money by stopping into one of the cafes and checking out the wine shop. I would have ate one meal at a mid priced restaurant and Chris believes in the dollar menu.  Vive la differance between a woman and a man!


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