Home again!

Home again and getting into the groove.  At least I am trying to.  I had 3 lessons that needed done by the time I got back to school.  Groceries needed bought, the dogs needed baths, etc. Why is it so hard to get back into your normal routine?

I just couldn’t wait to get back to the all natural stuff.  My toothpaste was bought at the store while on the trip.  My teeth felt as if hair was growing on them.  I couldn’t wait to use the stuff I made.  My teeth feel cleaner.  The store brand of deodorant was working, but it had a smell I no longer am used to.  I think the worse thing was using shampoo and conditioner after going no poo.  I was so on the fence about no poo.  I was even considering the conditioner method (WEN).  I just didn’t like how my hair felt after using the shampoo and conditioner.  My hair was softer, but more fly away.  Each strand seemed to seperate and touch my face as I slept.  I woke up itching from my hair in my face.  Still on the fence, just not sure which direction I want to go.

The other stuff we needed to do was make dog food, make yogurt, and some cleaning supplies. I am out of the citrus vinegar that I made, the window cleaner is empty because I have been using it to kill the ants who are marching one by one into my kitchen.  I had no bread.  Before I left on vacation I made a grocery list.  Very smart move on my behalf.  I cleaned the sheets, toilets, and froze all the food I had in the fridge before I left.

The best thing I could do was go to class and unpack.  The poor dogs have fleas again so I washed them with Dawn and the fleas were so bad I am salting the house each night before I go to bed.  What a pain.  I think I will be making some flea traps with water, soap, and outside solar lights. Oh and the ants. They have been all over the counter by my sink!  I have sprayed them with my window cleaner and my all purpose cleaner.  Both are made with mostly vinegar, but were to watered down to be effective. Last night I ran out of window cleaner and filled the spray bottle with pure white distilled vinegar.  I haven’t seen one ant since!  The fleas I understood, but the ants?  The counters were clean and no food was left on the counter.  So here I am ready to post drinking coffee and rereading this post.  I am a little blurry eyed so I home there are very few grammatical errors.


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