The first leg of our vacation

I have to say this trip was a little different than the one I took in March.  I had to pack clothes, food, snacks, and drinks for 2 people rather than 1. My biggest question is how in the name of God did we pack 4 people, and all the luggage that entails for a family vacation?  No food.  I brought snacks, but every meal was eaten out.  The drinks were bought at convenience stores.  STOP!  How did I ever do that?  Fast food and junk with soda?  I would never allow it now.  Those were the days.  We were the innocent of how food is preserved and made at fast food joints.  We never thought of that stuff.  This trip did include a few trips to McDonald’s. The majority of our food were eaten with friends and family.

I just love the moss hanging from trees

A rest stop in Georgia

We drove straight from home to Southern Illinois.  We made it in 14 1/5 hours despite stopping at some very nice rest stops.  The picnic grounds at some of those are beautiful.  The first meal were my hot wings and french potato salad (no mayo in it and it is one creamy potato salad).  The setting was beautiful.  The second stop was ham sandwiches with cheese.  Of course that included some Pringles.

Seeing our daughter and her family was the greatest.  They are so busy so we only spent a couple of days with them.  Watching them grow into this amazing family unit is pretty awe inspiring.

While there we were treated to a hunting expo on the Southern Illinois University grounds.  My inner redneck was coming out so I made my husband walk me away from this really cute camo cap with a pink duck on it.  There was this huge tent that I swore held ducks, geese, and some wild turkeys, but that was not the case.  It was an entire tent that fit half a city block of duck, geese, and wild turkey calls.  It was very loud.

We were leaving and my husband pointed to the other side of the drive way where there were tepees and tents set up. The people were dressed up as Indians and trappers from the time Illinois was being settled.  He wanted to go see what his people were doing.   The set up was pretty well done.  I wish we had visited that side earlier as it was closing up.

We left our daughters on Tuesday morning. That is always very hard for me.  I cry like a baby because of so many reasons.


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