Death of my laptop!

Things were pretty busy the last few weeks.  I started school and was preparing for a vacation.  My laptop died just as I was getting ready to leave and right after my last post. I was pretty bummed!

  The laptop was on it’s last legs.  It could not sit up on it’s own, the battery had been dead for years, and it would have a blue screen every once in a while.  I was trying to decide between a Nook or another laptop.  I leaned Nook, but my husband wanted a laptop.  My plan was to wait until we got back from vacation and then research which type and brand I wanted, but Chris had other plans.

We ended up with a Acer net book.  It is very compact, but will do the job for me.  I am still working on getting used to it. The keyboard is tiny!  The sad thing is that I never backed up my notes and pictures for this blog.  I just shake my head each time I think about it.  The great thing is that most of the pictures are on my camera.  I can just download them all when I am ready.

Replacing the laptop would have been alright, but these things come in three’s.  The rear tires on my Jeep were getting scary and the  TV went to the great Mitsubishi heaven in the sky.  All of that was just before we left on our vacation.  So we replaced the TV and the tires and headed out on the road.

I realized something from all of this.  My husband and I totally look at some things completely different.  The  tires we agreed on from the start.  That was a no brainer.  But when it comes to big ticket items he is more of a impulse buyer and I would prefer to take my time, find the right brand or style and then take my time to find what I want for the best price.  The TV is okay and the reviews on it were 100% to repurchase it from 25 reviews.  I have no idea concerning the net book as it was on clearance and carried a decent amount of memory and such.

Preparing for the trip is another area of how we do things differently.  I plan, plan, plan.  Chris?  Not so much.  I asked him to contact his family as to when they were available for him a week in advance.  He did not call until the day before. This  made planning time with friends really hard.

 I plan food and beverages according to what we both drink and Chris thinks soda.  Even the snacks were something we do differently.  I wanted to take fruit and chips.  I bought no fruit, but I did get 2 cans of pringles. I had hoped to stop somewhere on the way and find some fresh produce, but sadly that didn’t happen.  I had wings and potato salad planned.  He stopped on the way home and bought ham and cheese puffs.  I even planned the trip out and printed off directions even though we have a GPS.

I learned that taking my coffee press was not worth it as I used it once.  I didn’t need to drive around with anything extra as all the extra space we filled up with wheat, sugar, and flour.  Pringles are the way to go when wanting a quick snack that controls the mess with 2 grown adults.  Yes I know they are not natural, but the stuff I wanted to make wouldn’t have worked, as the coolers we used didn’t hold the ice the way my frozen water bottles did.  I had planned on hummus, and cashew butter with celery

I forgot to purchase sunflower seeds so my go to long distance driving was minimal.  I did purchase some yogurt and brought my ready to make oatmeal mix.  I think the next vacation I will have to make the snack ideas up a few weeks early. I also think that no matter what I need to take my fruit.

I attempted to try the “How to pack 7 days worth of clothes in a carry on bag” that was on Pinterest.  I did get to try it when we left my parents.  I took Saturday and Sunday’s clothes equal to 4 outfits. The bag was stuffed, but it worked pretty good.  Of course that isn’t 7 outfits, but it was helpful.

I have bunches to share and I even made a list of what I want to work on.  This is going to be a rough month posting new posts.  My youngest is due with her first child and I am working pretty hard on that class.  Oh and I have to walk the pavement on a job hunt for the Christmas season!


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