Using Citrus peels for vinegar

My daughter sent me a link recently for orange vinegar.  It reminded me that I had never followed through with all the pictures and my experiment with orange vinegar.  Now I would never use this for food consumption, but as a cleaner it is pretty awesome.

I don’t like to post things until I have used each thing for a while.  I want to know if it will work and under what conditions. I really want to be comfortable with what I post as I want to stand behind it 100%.

The name for this should not be orange vinegar.  It should really be citrus vinegar.  You can use orange peels, lemon peel, lime and grapefruit peels.  You can use this alone or in other cleaning agents.  I use this in combination with my all purpose cleaner.  I have also used this added to my furniture polish.

This could not be simpler.  Take a citrus fruit and peel or juice it..  Cut up the peels and place into a jar.  Cover the peels with vinegar.  Put lid on it and let set for a week.  Use as a cleaner in a spray bottle.  It works wonderfully in a bathroom, kitchen, anywhere an all purpose cleaner can be used.

I let my citrus peels dry out prior to adding them to the jar.  I also used the food processor to chop them up and make the natural oils come out.

Now my daughter uses this straight.  She is a vegetarian so she purchases far more citrus than I do.  I can only purchase in season and on sale. I could not keep up with the amount I need to use.  Adding it to my other cleaning supplies gives everything a great citrusy smell  and seems to cut through grease pretty well.


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