The 2nd baby basket. This one has disposable diapers.

I wanted to share with you the basket I made for my eldest daughter.  If you remember the basket I made for my youngest daughter it is pretty much the same.  The first one I made was with cloth diapers and this one is made with disposable diapers. Both girls intend to use cloth diapers, but Kristen is using a diaper service  instead of washing her own.  So I decided to do this basket with the disposable diapers.

The theme was basically owls and forest creatures.  I ended up using a turtle, a frog, and an owl for the basket.  The basket contained baby powder, baby oil, anti fungal diaper cream, and baby wipes along with the diapers.

The recipes for everything I made is

This is also available to purchase.  Just let me know how you want it and I will put a basket together for it.  I am also on Esty with the baskets. Just click on this link to see!


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