Shampoo Free Week 2

It is week 2 of  my no shampoo trial.  This week is a whole lot better than week 1.  The itching has pretty much gone away.  It was so intense that I  nearly quit this trial.  I can handle the oily hair, but the itching?  Oh my!

I have read blog after blog of other people’s experiences.  I stated last week that this was a 2 to 4 week adjustment for your hair.  The majority of bloggers said that you need to go 4 days between washing at first. Then you will begin cutting down the amount of baking soda.  One woman is now in year 3 of no poo!  She washes her hair once every week. Her hair looks amazing in pictures as I have not met her in person.

My hair is thicker.  Much thicker.  It is much more oily than before, but not unmanagably so.  I did use my curling iron the other day and the result was the perfect effect I was looking for.  Very natural looking.  It looked better than when I wash my hair with shampoo, conditioner and then use the curling iron. The split ends are still there and really no better today than when I started.  That got me thinking.  I will need to get my hair cut in 3 weeks and I need to dye my roots.  How will that affect the no poo adjustment?  According to my research it will take a few days to a couple of weeks to go back to the no poo place your hair was before getting it cut.  The hair dresser will use shampoo on your hair.  The hassle of asking them not to is not worth it according to my research.  The readjustment is not nearly has hard as the first time around.  It also gets easier each time.

The first recommendation is to not wash your hair more than every 4 days.  It takes so much more time for your hair to adjust to the no poo life.  The second is to use the apple cider vinegar.  They say that the apple cider vinegar is instrumental in this process.  My hair is so shiny and bouncy.  I really love the shine and bounce.  The third recommendation is to invest in a boars bristle hair brush.  The bristles carry the oil from the scalp to the ends of your hair.

I wash my hair once every 4 days now with baking soda and water.  I have a bottle that I fill with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 cups of water.  I keep that in the shower in the shower caddy.  The process starts with getting my hair really wet.  I use the spout on my bottle to pour directly onto my scalp in different places and wash just like a normal shampoo.  Then I rinse my hair out.  Once that is completed I then take a spray bottle filled with apple cider vinegar and water (50-50 mix).  I spray under my hair and all over. I then complete my shower like normal and then rinse my hair completely.  My hair is very easy to run a comb or pick through when I am done.

I have to say that showers are much shorter now than before.  I had to use double the conditioner then the shampoo because of the condition of my hair.  If this works the amount of money I will be saving and the amount of water saved in the process of washing my hair is going to be quite a bit.  The shampoo and condition brand I loved was Aveeno.  Spending $5 a piece for shampoo and conditioner would save me $65 for conditioner, $43 for shampoo and $108 a year for both.  Since my water is from a pump I see no savings, but the time savings is pretty cool.

Did you know that shampoo as we know it did not exist prior to the 1930’s?  Shampoo originated Mughal Empire as a head message.  It consisted of alkali, oils, and fragences.  Shampoo later came to mean washing hair and not massaging in the 1860’s.  Normal soap was used, but left hair dull and lifeless.  It was also irritating to the scalp.  The first commercial shampoo was available in the early 1900’s.  The first shampoo on the commercial market was Drene in the 1930’s.  Shampoo is a realitvely new item in our culture.  I wondered what people used back in the day.  Now I know.  I also have to say that my grandfather never washed his hair and never went bald.  My father rarely washes his hair and started going bald in his 70’s.  My husband washes his hair nearly every day.  Makes me wonder how much this affects baldness.  I know that genetics play a big part, but I was having a few issues with the thickness of my hair too.



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