Laundry soap reconsidered.

I never thought I would write one more post about laundry soap, but you know sometimes ideas come about that just make you say I have got to try this!  One of my favorite blogs is One good thing by Jillie.  It is an awesome blog with ideas that just make me think. Then try and then see if I can make it my own.

The latest laundry soap recipe was Make a years worth of laundry soap for $30.  I was so intrigued.  I had ran out of my soap and had searched a few stores for my Lava soap.  It was not on any of the store shelves that I went looking for it.  So in desperation I bought Fels Naptha. I know so many of you use this for basic laundry soap, but I had tried mine with such success that I was afraid to change it.

Since I had nothing to lose and was in need of laundry soap I decided to try this.  I had just purchased the Purex crystals to add to my own recipe.  In fact that was what I was actually going to write about.  The Purex crystals.  When it is this hot outside and you sweat this would help keep odor out of the clothes and for those of you who would like a scent in your laundry it works wonders.

So, back on topic, this is the full link to Jillie’s post:  I did not make the full amount.  I divided the full recipe into thirds.  I have been using this since the Monday after she posted her article.  The stuff is great!  I plan on using this for quite a while.  If you want to make the original amount, which is huge, please click on the above link.  If you want to just try it or don’t have a need for that much laundry soap, I will post what I did for my first time. I don’t have the storage containers or space for the full amount right now.

Laundry soap for one third of a year
1 bar Fels Naptha soap, cut in  chucks and chopped in a food processor until fine*
26 ounces of Borax
16 ounces of Washing Soda
2/3 cup of Baking soda
2/3 of a large tub of Oxyclean ( I used Sun brand)
10 ounces of Purex fabric softener crystals

*When chopping the soap add washing soda.  This keeps the soap from sticking to the blade.  you can also grate by hand the soap.

Basically combine all ingedients and mix.  The author of this recipe said to put into a garbage bag to mix.  I put into a stock pan and mixed.

Use 2 tablespoons of mix for a large load

This is safe for an HE washing machine.

The best thing is it cleans my husband’s uniforms just as well as it cleans my brights.


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