No Shampoo? Week 1

Today is week one of not washing my hair.  Scary huh?  My youngest daughter and I discussed this and she has waiting to run out of shampoo before doing it.  I have always had fine, thin hair that breaks and has frizzed my whole life.  I have used every brand of shampoo known to man I swear.   Hair dressers love to recommend shampoo, conditioners, and treatments whenever they see me.  This is one of the reasons I go to the local beauty school as they do not push me into anything other than a hair cut.

The only time I did not experience the frizzies was when I went on the Atkins diet. My hair was amazing!  Split ends were gone and the shine was awesome, but I could not live on meat alone.   So my hair went back to it’s dry, frizzy mess.  I gave up spending oodles and oodles on Redken, Paul Mitchell, Bed Head, and started buying Aussie brand.  Then I started using Aveeno for dry hair.  It was the best I tried.  I even attempted to make my own shampoo, but I am so conditioned to suds that I just couldn’t find a recipe I loved.  I have read about washing your hair with baking soda and water and rinsing with apple cider vinegar.  I researched people who have started doing this and people with my hair type and my daughters hair type (her hair is very curly) love it.

The first thing they said was it takes about 2 to 4 weeks on  average for your hair to adjust to no shampoo.  I  will have  to hope it doesn’t take 4 weeks.  To be honest they also say you should only wash your hair with the baking soda mixture every 4 days and I just can’t go that long in between washings.  I shower every day as I exercise out in the heat and humidity.  I get very sweaty.  I wash my hair every 2-3 days with the baking soda/water mixture and spray the apple cider vinegar every time I shower.

The first day was a little weird to squirt the baking soda mixture into my hair and just scrub.  No suds is totally weird.  My hair dried normally and with quite a shine from the vinegar rinse.  I didn’t really notice anything different until the 2nd time I washed my hair. My hair is thicker, and stiffer.  I can’t really think of a different way to describe it.  My scalp is a bit itchy though.  The hair is a little oily, but when I brush it I have no split ends.

Today was the 3rd time I have washed my hair and the itching has gotten better.  I think there is less oil and my hair is still thick and stiff.   The split ends seem less. To be honest I nearly quit this experiment a couple of days ago as the itching was making me crazy.  I was a  little nervous to attend church on Sunday as my hair was oily.

I guess I would warn anyone wanting to try this, be ready to be very frustrated for at least the first week.  The texture of my hair frustrated me and the oily feeling is very odd to me.  I am afraid I will leave an oily impression on my pillow!  Although that has not happened.

The apple cider vinegar is doing pretty well though.  My hair shines and it does not tangle.  I can run a pick or wide tooth comb through my hair with ease immediately after rinsing.   I do spend a bit of time making sure that everything is rinsed out of my hair.


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