Need ideas from you for saving on your grocery budget!

I have been starting this blog dozens of time in the last 2 weeks and not one idea has made the cut.  I am a little put out about me.  Just kidding.  I wasn’t happy with anything I wrote and stalled in some of the new idea that I have been working on.

When I would get frustrated with writing my blog I  would search Pinterest for baby shower ideas.  There I would get lost in the history pins and other idea pins.  So one day turned into 2 days of not writing this and so on and so on.

That all changed yesterday.  I went grocery shopping!  I started my trip out a little differently than normal.  I chose not to go to Thrifty produce and went to Aldi first instead.  I spent 2/3rds of my grocery money there. I wasn’t to upset as I had only meat, brown rice, and a few incidentals to purchase. I decided to just go to Wal Mart for the rest. I overspent for the first time in like forever!  I was so upset.  I felt so frustrated just I used to before I began making all my cleaning supplies!

I am not alone!  As I perused the meat department looking at what I needed to get I listened in to my fellow shoppers discussing the prices.  I have never heard customers discuss with each other how much it costs.  I heard a mother discussing with her son the reason ground sirloin was more expensive that ground beef.  The son just stood there with a look on his face that said who cares about the meat having less fat, it costs so much more!   Husbands and wives were searching for the lowest price for the best cut.  Pretty sad.

The drought is really hurting the farmers, but I wonder how much of the price increase is because they are paying more for beef, poultry, or pork, or because they can charge us more.  It doesn’t really matter because we have to figure out how to feed our families healthy and filling meals.  Not to mention safe.

I am going to be searching for ideas to save money.  So I will be looking for new ideas and sharing them with you.  So many of you can can or freeze your excess garden produce.  I can not.  We don’t live in an area where we can buy produce in bulk.  At least not cheaply.

A couple of ideas I am working on is making my own dog food, going without shampoo and still cleaning my hair, and making my own deodorant.  This is a time that we have to be vigilant about food waste.  We need to grow whatever we can.  We need to find ways to purchase our food in bulk and save it.  We need to rethink how we purchase groceries and other items.  I personally buy no cleaning products, but have a clean house.  I am researching everything I can to reduce my cost.

Awesome readers we need to be working together on how to cut our costs without going insane.  Please share your ideas and I will share them.  I love hearing from you all anyway!


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