Sweet tea, breakfast, coffee, and clean, clean, clean

Good Afternoon all!  I have started at least 5 blogs and none of them felt right.  So I stopped writing them and before you knew it I hadn’t written in what seems like forever.  Today I am writing about  my day.  I spend an hour each morning walking. I actually walked 2/10’s of a mile longer in the same length of time than I have been previously!  No more weight loss, but my mileage is moving up.

As soon as I get home I have to start Chris’ “dinner”.  Since he leaves for work at 11:30am and we don’t know exactly when he will get home I try and make most of his dinner the night before.  I feed him at 10:30am and then I wait until noon to eat my dinner.

I am making tea.  I made 2 1/3 gallons of sweet tea for Stephanie’s baby shower.  We had most of that left over.  I found out that it is so much easier to make 2 gallons at a time for Chris.  Then I am never out of tea.  My way of making tea is pretty easy.

Sue’s Sweet Tea
1 gallon water
6 tea bags (any brand)
2/3 cup sugar

Fill gallon container with water.  Unwrap tea bags and place in the water.  Let set for a couple of hours or until the best strength for you.  Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Place in refrigerator or serve over ice.

Now it is not super sweet. For more sweetness add more sugar.  I make it and walk away.  Not to difficult and by using only 6 tea bags and 2/3 cup of sugar I am saving money.  The strength of the tea satisfies Chris and the amount of sugar isn’t so bad.

I am also making my own tea and that is whatever I choose to put together. I make it basically the same except I use green tea and black tea.  I am looking for a way to make my own tea bags and how to buy green tea in bulk. I also want to find a way to get lavender buds reasonably priced along with chamomile
and sassafras.

My breakfast mix is nearly out. I have been eating it with my yogurt and a piece of fruit.  I am chopping up my walnuts to put into the mix.  I would normally makeup the brown sugar, but I bought some the other day.

Sue’s breakfast mix
5 cups Old Fashioned Oats
3 TBSP Cinnamon
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
6 Tbsp Flax seed
1 cup Walnuts

Add all together and put into a container.  Simple as that. I know I posted this before, but I decided to write things as I do them today!  Now I use this hot with milk and fruit if the weather is cool. When the weather is as hot as it is right now I am mixing it with yogurt and fruit uncooked. Tastes pretty good and filling.  I use 1/4 to 1/3rd cup of mix depending on how hungry I am and what I am mixing it with.

The popcorn popper is heating as I write this. Waiting for the popcorn popper to heat up to roast the coffee.  I love my fresh roasted, freshly ground coffee in the morning!  It is one of life’s little pleasures that amazes me at how good it tastes.  I used to use flavored coffee creamers.  This stuff is so good I don’t even bother with anything other than half and half!  It takes a lot longer than I thought it would and the beans are much smaller than I thought they would be.  It is also pretty messy so at the cooling stage it may be a better idea to work on it outside as the chafe blows all over the counter and floor and on me.

As the coffee is roasting I have a couple of cleaning products that have to be remade.  The first is my all purpose cleaner.  The other one is my window cleaner.  The window cleaner could be just white vinegar, but  the smell of white vinegar is just to much for me so I prefer to use a more complicated recipe.

All purpose Cleaner
2 Tbsp Ammonia
1 tsp dish detergent
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 tsp Borax

Fill a gallon container 3/4 full with water.  Then add the above ingredients.  Shake  to mix.  Add 1/4 tsp lavender oil.  Shake and add water to fill bottle.

You can use any essential oil, but I love lavender.  You don’t even have to add the oil if you choose not too.

Window Cleaner
1 cup Rubbing alcohol
1 cup White Vinegar
1 tsp dish detergent

Add above ingredients to a spray bottle.  Add water to fill.

Most of the recipes I have put into this blog are oldies but goodies.  If I am not satisfied with whatever I am using I play with the recipe.  These recipes I no longer play with. I just reuse them with great results every time.


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