The first baby shower.

Oh my gosh  I slept in until 7:30 am this morning!  My dogs must have know I was exhausted.  Saturday was my youngest daughter’s baby shower.  Sunday I was just down.  Last night Chris snored like he hasn’t snored in years. He even woke me up out of a sound sleep!   I pushed on him, kicked him, and then I yelled wake up!  You are snoring!  Did it help?  Nope, not at all.  I even got up turned the fan on high.  That usually drowns him out.  Not this time.  He snored louder!  Then I got earplugs out of the bathroom and put a pillow over my head.  He still snored louder.  Finally I got up and went to bed on the guest bed in the computer room.  Now that upset the dogs because they had no clue what was up.  Blue circled the bed  for a good half hour.  Around 3am Chris woke me up to ask if I was okay.  Then I went back to our bed and slept until 7:30am.  He has a stuffed nose poor baby!

The baby shower was stressful (sorry Stephanie).  I have never hosted anything close to it.  A huge shout out to my eldest daughter.  She was amazing!  She planned the games, bought the cake, and got the diaper cake.  I just did the food and decorations!

This cake was amazing and tasted pretty good.  If you are in Central Florida I would highly recommend her to everyone.  Just message her, I am sure she would love the business!

The above cake was another she created for Chris and my birthday!  We were going to celebrate on Saturday night, but it did not happen. I am 3 weeks to the day older than Chris.  And no one could come over for my birthday and we are watching our son in law graduate from college the weekend of Chris’ birthday.  So this is now in my freezer waiting to be used another day.

This is the cloth diaper cake made by  It was so cute.  She makes a wide range of products for babies.  Stephanie was so pleased!

The  last we saw of Chris until he thought the shower was over

The decorations came from Party City.  It was great fun. We didn’t have the turn out we had hoped for, but Stephanie and Justin were happy.

Tomorrow will be more on the baby shower things.  I will show you the basket that I made up for Stephanie and Justin using cloth diapers and home made ingredients.

Have a happy creatively living day!


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