A hodge podge day.

Today is a hodge podge of stuff to do.  I got my walking out of the way.  Now it is time to get it together.  The couch, love seat and recliner are disgusting.  I have pictures that prove how gross they are.  I am attempting some of the solutions for the cleaning of microfiber furniture and will tell you  how they work.  I have found one that works really well and may end up my post for tomorrow depending on how much gets done.

I need to look for a shower curtain for my guest bath and a bed skirt for my computer room guest bedroom. Mr. Kitty has decided to scratch the heck out of the box springs.  Then I need to make up the basket for Stephanie and Justin’s baby shower that I am hosting in 3 days!  I need to get some drink dispensers too.  
The baby shower is based on the Lion King.  Steph’s favorite thing in the whole wide world was a stuffed Simba.  She used to carry it every where.  It was one of those things that brought her security and joy. Only fitting that it should be the theme of her shower.
Once the baby shower is over it is let’s get organized time.  We moved here about 2 years ago and I have accumulated more things than I really wanted to.  I had the kitchen organized but not anymore.  That is not a good way for things to be in a working kitchen.  
I have croissants to make and a couple of pumpkin pies along with the food for the shower.  I just ran out of window cleaner and am  still working on the couch.  Hopefully I can get some great pictures of what I am making and share with you all.  Have a wonderful Wednesday all!


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