My newest favorite treat.

Sitting here in my kitchen listening to the rain poor outside my windows and watching my cat hide from the thunder I am snacking.  Lunch was super early and I just know if I don’t eat a little more I will still be hungry.  Diets suck, but changing how I eat for the long term is not so bad.

When I was a kid my favorite foods were sweet cherries, watermelon, blue berries, asparagus, tomatoes, and frozen strawberries.  Of course I loved sweets, but my snack of choice after school would be a pint bag of frozen blue berries, cherries, and sometimes frozen strawberries. I liked tomatoes so much that during the summer I ate them like apples and in the winter I ate them straight out of the canning jar. In fact my favorite time of year growing up in Michigan’s southwest corner was right now.  Strawberry season had ended, blue berry season would be on and sweet cherries were just coming into season.

Today, I live in Florida and there really isn’t a change of seasons.  For the most part I think they are overrated and really agree with Daniel Tosh when he says he likes the seasons, he just doesn’t live in the a place that has the bad ones. Paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea.  One of the only things I miss is living in an area that consumers can purchase large amounts of fruits and veggies to can or freeze.  The farmer’s markets around me really don’t cater to a consumer such as I.  We are learning how to garden as it is a whole lot different than up north.

The one thing I have been buying lately is watermelon.  I love it.  The thing is I am the only one who eats it.  A while back I read on Pinterest how to freeze watermelon and loved the idea.  I can buy my fruit and not lose it to rot.  I tried it.  It is awesome!  You just need to cut the watermelon into cubes, lay in a cookie pan in single layers, and freeze for 20 minutes.  Put these babies into a freezer bag and they are ready to go.  I have accidently left the tray in the freezer overnight and it still worked.

The trick to eating it is not to let it thaw completely.  It will not be the same product as you cut up and froze. It will be a little slimy for lack of a better term if you let it thaw completely.  Once it is frozen take it out of the freezer and let set for 20 minutes or so.  You can blend it into a drink (make sure the seeds are out) or eat like I am straight from the bag as a refreshing treat.

According to there is 46 calories in 1 cup of diced watermelon.  The good points,  as taken from that website are:

The only bad thing is it is high in sugar.  Natural sugar, not processed.  I used to shy away from buying watermelon as there was so much waste with me eating it alone.  Not any more and I can enjoy eating watermelon in the middle of winter if I don’t eat what is in the freezer before winter comes.  

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