Computer issues and saving the pictures on my laptop!

Good morning all!,  I am sitting here writing this blog as I upload pictures to snap fish.  My laptop is not running really well as it is freezing up on Mozilla Firefox.  Yes I have ran a scan on the computer and no virus has been found.

I use Google Chrome to write my blog and Mozilla Firefox for everything else.  The laptop is old and the hinges are breaking off.  I have it propped up in the kitchen so it does not move.  Of course I did screw up and get flour inside the fan one day.  Not a really good idea.  But it has worked great since, until now.  
We use the free version of Avast Anti virus until my son in law tells me different.  I was so happy when he told me that I didn’t have to pay for an antivirus program.  
Now I have to up load lots of files to snap fish.  I hope I don’t have to create more accounts.  While I am at it I would love to print some pictures off from the weddings the past 2 years.  
Josh and me!

Stephanie is the first person on the left that you can see her face in the front row.

Tennessee Mountains

Jack as king of the dining room

Amber & Kaylea helping put our floor in

This looks like a couple of days worth of downloads.  Thank goodness for free online storage!  The  great thing is what a wonderful life we have had the past 3 years.  The changes we have been through and the amazing people that have been added to our lives!
Have a wonderful day all!


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