Furniture polish that needs to be refrigerated?

How many uses are there out there for Olive oil?  I know people who wash their face with it. use it on their hair as a deep conditioner and on their skin as a moisturizer after a bath. Of course we can’t forget how tasty it is on a salad. Here is a whole different way to use Olive oil.

Furniture polish!  I actually fill a small spray bottle 3/4 full of olive oil and fill the rest with an orange vinegar that I make.  This olive oil brings the wood to an amazing shine while the orange vinegar strips the dirt off of what ever you are cleaning. You can use any basic vinegar, but I prefer the smell of oranges in it.  Since I make the vinegar out of my own orange peels it is pretty cheap.  My orange vinegar is really just orange peels soaking in vinegar for a week or so.  This can be made with limes or lemon’s too.

You see I dust with furniture polish once a month.  I don’t like the build up and the chemicals in the store bought furniture polish. Plus the spray can gets clogged and I end up throwing half a can away.  The rest of the time I dust with a feather duster or dry cloth. It is really easy.  Just shake the bottle and spray the olive oil mixture onto a piece of furniture and wipe with a soft cloth.  If you use to much just get another soft cloth and softly buff.  Now this may sound crazy to you, but I have some very old furniture that has been passed down through the generations to me and I want to pass them down to my own kids.  I would never do anything to harm these pieces.  This is safe and easy to use. It is very safe to store around kids too.

One thing to let you know.  Refrigerate this mixture!  I mixed up my present batch back in May.  I left it out under the cupboard and with the Florida heat it smells bad.  So my advise is to keep it in a very cool place.


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