It’s Thursday’s blog people!

Good morning all!  Today I am not going to write about a product I want.  Today it is about some previous products that I wrote about.

I ordered the pedometer and should be getting it between the 13th and the 16th of July.  I will write a review as soon as I walk with it for a while.  
The shoes were the other thing I wrote about.  I did not buy them.  I know, I know I needed new shoes because the others are pretty nasty looking.  Comfortable, but nasty. Grass stains, dirt stains have just ruined my walking shoes.  
It seems that until you leave you are always shopping for things to take on a trip.  The Mexico trip was no different.  Each time I thought I had everything I needed, I came up with a new thing to get.  This time it was a pair of shorts.  We have a store called Bealls here in Florida.  They have the basic department store and and a discount store.  Friday’s they have an extra discount of 10% for people 50 and younger at the discount store.  Tuesdays they give a discount for those over 50.  Luckily I still fit the under side of 50 ( not for much longer unfortunately ) .  Beall’s outlet normally carries plus size clothes for us bigger ladies (in other words fat clothes for us fatties).  I  decided that I had to have a new pair of shorts as I was wearing the older pairs out.

They had none that I wanted to wear so I just started browsing the store.  They had shoes discounted with an extra 50% off of the sale price.  I found these with discounts at $16.

To me $60 shoes at $16 is a bargain!  They need broken in, but I only use them to exercise so they should last a while.

Here in Brevard County school will be starting the middle of August and school shopping is just around the corner.  Just because I have no children at home doesn’t mean I won’t be excited about it.  This year we are stocking up on socks, underwear, paper, and pens.  My husband needs a couple new pairs of pants and some shorts.  I may even purchase a couple of pairs of shoes for him to wear.  His work requires black shoes so I think that will be on the list.  If I can quietly work it, I may add a couple pairs for myself too.  Us girls need their shoes!  lol

Paying close attention to prices and sales are key to saving money.  Just because something is on sale does not mean it is a bargain.  Here in Florida they have tax free days for back to school shopping.  This means that most clothing products and other items are sales tax free.  Great idea right?  People flock out to these sales.  But there rarely is a sale.  The retailers know you are coming to take advantage of not paying sales tax so they put very little on sale.  This may not be the case everywhere, but it is around here.  Shop but really pay attention to original price and sales.


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