July 4th

I was unpacking from Mexico on Tuesday night when we got home.  The next day was July 4th and we had groceries to get and family coming over.  I spent way to much money on groceries. That is why a list is wonderful and money saving. A list was made but not very well thought out. Chris actually asked me it the dollar amount in the checkbook was accurate.  You know, did you take cash back or something?  That was an actual question! He was shocked.  So was I.  Another reason why I grocery shop every 2 weeks and never on a holiday!

I put all the clothes in the washer as we were going to be gone alot for the rest of the week and I had no clean, nice clothes.  As I unpacked the smallest bag I found a mess!  The bottle of lotion that I did not use and was put in a plastic bag and sealed was spilled all over the inside of my little carry on.  We had checked all bags for less fuss and muss. Chris’ cologne was 3/4 full when we left was now 1/2 full. He never used it.  I found all this hilarious.  I hated the thought of losing all that lotion. But then again it has a pot leaf on the label.   On a positive note the only clothing in that bag were my underwear.  I had quickly removed it from the biggest piece of luggage in order to put the gifts in it for safety.

My gifts came home safely. I am working on a different computer so I will have to download pictures tomorrow of the bowl and platter I found.  Very pretty and I have already gotten a lot of use from them.  We got all four grandkids t-shirts of a cartoon animal with a mouth that opens to reveal teeth.  Plus a couple of other trinkets.

The 4th was very nice.  My husband’s brother came over with his daughter and granddaughter.  Our son and family came over too. They brought fireworks. They did the fireworks until the city of Palm Bay’s firework show came on.  We all sat out on our back porch to watch the show.  It started off slow, but near the end they were setting off some amazing fireworks. My niece and great niece spent the night after the fireworks.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with my husband’s niece’s.  I think this was the first time any of them spent time alone with us!

The next night we all went to Cap’t Hiram’s down in Sebastian, Florida.  Good food, good people to spend time with, and amazing scenery!  We were able to sit next to the water (Indian River Lagoon) and watched as 4 dolphins played.  Very relaxing and pretty!

The following day was Friday.  We met his brother at Denny’s for breakfast/lunch as they were leaving to head back up north.  I was getting ready for my mammogram and packing for a night in Orlando with my amazing husband!  It was pretty sad to see them leave, but really nice to spend time with them.

While in Mexico and home I have attempted to stay true to my diet.  In Mexico I did really well.  Just the sheer volume of food was tough to overcome.  Denny’s was still okay as I ate sausage and whole wheat pancakes.  Just don’t tell me if it came from a mix.  I did gain about 4 pounds since we left and got back.  I also kept my walking up.

By the way i am looking for a new name for my Thursday posts.  I just don’t like it.  Please comment on this post if you have a good name to call it. 


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