It is wonderful to be home again!

What an eventful last 10 days!  We flew to Mexico to see our beautiful oldest daughter marry her fiance at a all inclusive resort.  We stayed at the Aventura Cove Palace.  It was so much more than we expected.  In fact after spending nearly 5 days there I would recommend to every couple at least one vacation in a place like this.  It is amazing how pampered you are.

Chris and I have never been outside of the states.  He is not a very adventurous man.  He will be adventurous here in the states, just not outside of them.  Me?  I look at the fact that I have a passport as a chance to travel the world.  Enough on our differences.  More on the fun!  
I researched so much about traveling.  I chose to pack one large suitcase with a smaller one inside so that we could bring gifts back.  The resort offered shampoo and conditioner, also shower gel so I chose not to bring them.  The travel agency was very professional with us and warned us about time share sales people.  We got off the plane, through immigration and walked out into the sea of men trying to sell us time shares and give us taxi rides.  The company that we booked our trip from the airport to the resort was Vi travel.  They were wonderful.  The driver was perfect!  He spoke just enough, gave us great information, and was awesome!  
The drive from the airport was about an hour and 15 minutes.  It seemed to fly by.  We got to the resort and were greeted by bellhops, a refreshing towel, and drink.  The reservation process was so easy.  The employees spoke English very well.  Chris and I both left there thinking that we need to learn Spanish.  The bell boy took us to our room.  There awaited a bottle of wine (complimentary) and a huge tub. The balcony held a small table and chairs.  Oh and a big king size bed. The most important thing to my husband was the hammock.
A man, his beer, and a hammock.
We bought him one!  We had a lot of fun.  We watched our eldest get married to her fiance.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I loved the goofy happy look on Joseph’s face!  He didn’t stop smiling the whole time.
Kristen and Joseph.
The wedding was beautiful.  The resort had champagne waiting at the end.  Then it was on to hors d’œuvres.  The resort had a big spread and then it was onto the reception dinner.  There was so much food the only things I can remember is the best rib eye steak I have ever had, and they also offered fish.  The dessert before the wedding cake was coconut ice cream with chocolate lava cake. Then the wedding cake was given out.  These huge chunks of cheesecake covered in icing.  I have heard so much about cruises and the food, well this resort and the food was amazing!  I gained 4 pounds and my husband gained nearly 10.  Oh and did I mention all drinks are free?  Alcoholic and non alcoholic.
After the wedding was the sight seeing.  Kristen and I had already planned a trip to Tulum.

Chris found Tulum so fun, we attempted to go to Chichen Itza.  The tour was booked up.  We also attempted to go on another outing and that was closed as well.  

My wonderful daughter decided prior to going that her father was going to swim with the dolphins.  He had a  blast.  He went with Joseph’s dad and brother. 
The next day we just laid around the cove.  Chris had his first time of snorkeling.   It was very relaxing.
I have to say again, every couple needs a place like this just once in their lives.  No worries, just disconnect from the news, stock market, your job, phone calls, and face book. Let everything be calm and relax.  It is well worth every penny spent.  
The staff at the Aventura Cove Palace and Aventura Spa Palace were amazing.  They love their jobs and it shows.  The smiles are free there.  Check these places out at  
One last thing, a member of the wedding party snapped this picture.  I never knew that Mexico has monkeys!

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