Hair cuts on the cheap!

Why is it when I go to get my hair cut, I have butterflies in my stomach?  I mean I seriously feel like my stomach is doing somersaults.  I didn’t use to be this way.  Years ago I had a standing appointment every 6 weeks for a hair cut and every other time my hair would be highlighted.  I had the same person each and every time.  I knew about her kids and husband.  What she was doing at that time and she knew the same stuff about me.

We moved to Florida 13 years ago next month.  That is when things changed.   I could never find a person I liked to cut my hair and when I did I couldn’t afford them!  I mean it was awful.  As I gained weight I hated to do anything for myself so eventually I just let my hair grow.  I cut it just before my first grandson was born almost 5 years ago, then just before my 2nd grandson was born and that was a couple of  years ago.  I went and finally got it cut this last March and finally again today.

I have found a way to get my hair cut just as well as a major salon without paying the major salon price. I go to a Beauty School and for $5 I can get my hair cut pretty well.  They are students and they really listen and are so nice.  Let’s face it, they are in school to learn how to cut hair and they want clients.

To be honest the reason I stopped getting my hair cut was not because I didn’t want it done, but because next to the last time I went I paid $250 for highlights, and a cut.  Plus I didn’t even like it that much. I went just before Hunter was born.  The woman tried.  I just didn’t like how I looked. So I stopped.

I have to say that I have had my hair cut twice at the beauty school and both times I actually like it.  They do manicures, pedicures, facials, and all kinds of stuff for a lot cheaper than a salon.  They have instructors who verify their work and it is pretty nice.  I plan on getting the Vitamin C facial when I have lost 20 pounds!


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