A couple of frugal tips to losing weight.

Yep, one more diet post. I think there will be a bunch of these as we go a head with this blog.  I am turning my focus on to getting this weight off.  
The first thing I want to write about is water.  God bless the water.  There are all kinds of studies out there saying that you should or shouldn’t drink 8 glasses of water.  I have no clue which is correct, I think it has to do with the individual. For me, I drink anywhere between 8 to 12 glasses of liquids.  Most of it in water.  The truth is it helps me to drink a lot of water.  I have found that I really do eat less, my skin is less dry, and I am not quite as sluggish when I drink lots of water. Water can get tiresome though.  So I have learned other ways to learn to like it without spending lots of money. 
You can take a pitcher of water and add fruit to it.  I have added sliced lemons, limes, and oranges.  I have also added frozen watermelon to my water.  You can add chunks of most fruits into the water.  As it sits in the refrigerator it infuses the flavor of the fruit and makes drinking water fun.
Now another way to get more fluids without spending a lot of money is tea.  I take a gallon of water, 3 black tea bags, 3 teaspoons of green tea ( use an infuser), and 1 tablespoon of dried Stevia. I don’t like sweet tea or green tea, so the stevia adds just a smidge of sweetness to improve the flavor of the green tea.  I have added orange rinds, lime slices, apple peels, pineapple chunks or the refuse of the pineapple.  I have also used dried and fresh mint, chamomile buds and lavender buds.  Just a tablespoon or two.  I need to find a way to make my own tea bags.  I figure a piece of cheese cloth will do the trick.  Just have to go buy some.
Right now I am only drinking the lavender blend.  I love it.  I am sure you can add basil, thyme, and rosemary too.
I use normal tea bags for the black tea for the time being. I will be purchasing some loose leaf at www.myspicesage.com or at the herb corner by me.  Right now I am using the green tea loose and plan on continuing.  The stevia I purchase if from the herb store in Melbourne.  I prefer the dried green herb to the white that most people use.  I also purchase most of the herbs I use in my tea from the herb corner in Melbourne.  This may change as www.myspicesage.com has lots of loose leaf teas that look really interesting.
The best tool I have found when losing weight is free and really helps.  It is an online web site called Sparkpeople.com.  This site is completely free unless you join the online help part.  I have no idea what it is called as I don’t use it.  It has a nutritional tracker, exercise tracker, weight tracker. It is easy to use!  I mean so easy to use.  It has a private journal to write in or you can write your own blog as to where you are.  You can join teams for your particular weight issues, age, or area.  This site has so many positive attributes that I just can’t tell you them all.  It has recipes that actually taste good and videos to help you exercise.  You can join using the menus they provide or not.  
Right now I am using my own menus.  I use the nutrition tracker, exercise tracker, and the weight tracker.  I have joined a 5k challenge to walk and I have chosen to not add to many friends.  They do have a buddy finder for others who need someone else to help to lose weight.  I haven’t had much luck with that, but a site can’t be perfect.  It is sort of a facebook light.  The biggest difference is you have less people adding you and  you choose to what extent you want to use the site.  
So now you have it, the tools I choose to use to lose weight.  So far I have lost 12 pounds (less than 2 weeks since I started).  I am at the point that I have positivity going for me and a drive that I haven’t felt in years.

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