Thursday’s Day Dream

Walking today I asked myself what today’s post should be about.  Being of sound mind I did not respond to myself. I just thought about the question.  I decided that today I will write about me and give a slight update to my blog about my opinion of government controlling food issues.

When I wrote that blog I was really unhappy with me.  Not me as a person, just me as my weight has grown so much in the last few years.  I wasn’t happy before with my weight, but it had taken a terrible jump due to how I handled stress.  I mentioned that I had a Doctor’s appointment and would update you with that.  So here is what has happened since that post.

I went to my Doctor last Thursday.  She wanted blood work done and a mammogram.  The lab work was completed this morning.  She also wants me to get a pedometer to count my 10,000 steps and I have to find a 20 minute exercise program to do with that.  Well I have not bought the pedometer nor have I started the 20 minute exercise program, but I have started walking.  I need a pedometer that is not complicated to use and that is not really expensive.  The one that looks like it will suit me is The Digiwalker.

The thing is whatever she said really helped me.  Now the next item I have to have is a replacement.  My shoes need help!  They were white and pink, now they are white and dark green because I use them to mow the lawn.  They are getting really worn out on the inside too.  What I will be working toward are

ASICS® GEL-Maverick 3 Womens Running Shoes. I love this things.  

I know they are running shoes, but that is the goal.  She got me thinking without trying.  She asked me what I ate for breakfast and I told her the truth because it is awesome!  I eat my oatmeal mix with with some kind of fruit in it. I also eat it cooked or in yogurt.  She asked me why do I think I am over weight and I was honest.  When tired I eat carbs to wake up and then I don’t stop eating and I buy junk at the store when I am depressed.  I have been really tired and depressed lately so eat a way minion. lol .
Anyway that is what got me thinking.  Here I am not eating toast or anything I would normally eat because it has crushed up human hair or duck feathers in it.  I only eat my bread that I physically make so why am I eating junk from the store so filled with preservatives and things I can’t pronounce let alone spell.  
This is a new school of thought for me.  One that I am really going to take to heart for me.  It must be working because I have lost 9 pounds since going to the Doctor one week ago. All I have done is walk every day, ( am up to 50 minutes a day), and stop eating the store bought junk.                     
Have a happy creative living day you all!



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