My position of obesity and government

I’ve written this post in my mind a hundred times. Some of the time trying to decide if I should ever discuss such a serious topic.  As I type this out I don’t even know if I will ever hit the Publish button.

My topic is obesity and the government. I want to weigh in on the government regulating soda and other unhealthy things. I am obese and I, at times even disgust myself by how I look. I don’t want to weigh as much as I do.  One of the reasons I write this blog is because of the cuts I have made taking the “bad” foods from our diets and replacing then with lean meat, fresh fruit and veggies.  I have inserted many healthy alternatives into our diets and at the same time worked really hard at keeping a strict budget.

You see I eat fast food rarely and then only if there is no other alternative.  I usually plan ahead and bring a lean meat and side when we are out. When I must go to a fast food restaurant I manipulate my husband to go to Wendy’s so I can get a half salad and then I use 1/4 of a packet of dressing.  I don’t eat processed foods if I can help it.  The only processed foods in my pantry are some very old cans of Campbell s soup and a box of Pasta roni that my husband picked up.

Soda is a rare occurrence in my life.  I may drink it once a week, but that is it. When we go out to eat I drink water or unsweet tea.  I won’t eat bread anywhere unless I know it is freshly baked on site. I have added more fruits and veggies into our diet.  My husband has lost quite a bit of weight, part of which is due to his job and how active he is at work.  Me?  I keep gaining and hating myself and getting more and more depressed over it.  I am not asking you for sympathy or help,I’m just stating a fact of my life.

You see I am not over weight because I only have a high school diploma, out of work, or 48 years old. Or any of the reasons government or TV news reports state.  I am not overweight because of the availability of fast food and sugary drinks.  I am not overweight because of not understanding what a healthy diet is.  I am overweight because my way of dealing with life’s little problems are to run to the store and buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or a small box of cookies.  I have learned that I eat mostly when exhausted to try and get a boost of energy and when I am dealing with extreme stress and depression.  There are days when a disaster will pop up in my life and I don’t over eat at all.  The next day I graze on anything in the house.  This usually includes cheese, nacho chips, fruit, and nuts.  Right now I am dealing with Peri menopausal symptoms that are getting pretty bad and I am stressed about going to Mexico for our eldest daughter’s wedding. I have an appointment to see my General Practitioner on Thursday morning. I will let you know how that goes.

I have recently started exercising. I love to walk and now my husband is working with me.  The exercising is a huge help.

The government can make soda, (pop for my Michigan friends), sugar, and anything else illegal they want.  It won’t cut down on obesity in America.  The worse thing we do in this country is label everything.  Foods are not bad.  That cupcake is not evil!  It is just a stupid cupcake. To eat one in celebration is wonderful and enjoyable, but to have one everyday because they taste so good takes the celebration out of it.  We have taken the joy out of eating.  Have you seen how most people eat?  They eat a meal in 15 minutes.  Most of the time they don’t even know what they tasted.  Ask them tomorrow what they ate today and they will have no idea. You see our ancestors had to work for their food and sugar was not needed to live.  It was something you bought to celebrate life with. Even our beloved chocolate was not used with sugar in the beginning.  The cocoa powder was mixed with water and drank plain.

Exercise first and foremost will make us thinner.  Stop cutting gym classes or sports. Encourage kids to play in the back yard, encourage them to join team sports or dance.  Most of all give them emotional tools to deal with life’s ups and downs.

I once had those tools and somewhere along the road of life I have lost them.   I’m on a long road of reclaiming the tools that I used, it takes quite a while to relearn all the bad that I have taught myself.  The victory will come at the cost of all the fat on me and will have it’s ups and downs.  But what really amazing things that happen in life don’t come with a price?


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