New vs. Used appliances

We sent our washer to the great laundry scrape heap in the sky a couple of  weeks ago. Actually a gentleman is came to drop off a “new” washer and taking the old one away.

 Washing a load of towels on Sunday, as this seems to be the only day that Mother Nature and my husband seem to cooperate for me to get my laundry done, was going very normally. I had already washed one load of towels, one load of whites, and the second load of towels were in the rinse cycle.  I walked into my garage and found two fast moving streams of water flowing from under the washer. Luckily the towels were clean and mid way through the rinse cycle.  We put that baby on spin and then I took the clothes out of the washer and unplugged her.  
Chris and I had THE discussion.  You know should we call someone out to fix it or go shopping for a new one.  I immediately went online and searched for new washers.  Now unless a pot of gold falls into my lap, a new front loader is not in the cards for me.  So I searched and found that the cheapest top loading washers were $350 to $400 each. These would meet my needs, but I really wanted a front loader.  Then the frugal side of  me said lets just try and fix it. So I Googled appliance repair and found a gentleman out of Melbourne Florida.  The company even sells used appliances. He would charge $69 for the visit, parts, and labor for most repairs on top loaders.

old washer.

New one

Monday I called the repairman. As luck would have it, he was in Palm Bay on the major street near our home. He came as promised.  Chris went out to speak to him and told him what happened and that for the last year I have battled the bounce across the floor if the load was just a tiny bit off.  He advised that with the age of the washer (8 years that we owned it.  Turns out it was 12 years old.  We bought it used), it would be best to just scrap it as the bouncing can’t be fixed.  
We weighed the option of buying a new one or used one.  I have to say that we have had mainly used washers.  I think we have bought maybe 1 new washer and 2 used ones. The used ones have lasted at least 8 years each, we have repaired them once and then replaced them when they broke down again.  My opinion is that since the washer is a very basic machine, a tub with agitator and a water pump then new isn’t worth the money. I said let’s just spend $125 for a used machine.  If it lasts 8 years it will be well worth the money.  Plus we wouldn’t have to dip into our savings to purchase a new machine. You just know that when I go into the appliance store I will end up with the $550 to $600 washer and it will last 10 years.  In the long run the used washer made a better choice.
The repairman has brought me a “new to me” washer with a porcelain tub the next morning.  A day before I run out of underwear!  lol  Now it was not what I would have picked, but I have used it for a couple of weeks and it is pretty awesome!
Frugally minded, I have been thinking about this used vs new appliance issue.  It is an awful lot like the new vs used car issue.  There are positive and negatives on both sides.  With a used appliance the maintenance really isn’t an issue unless you are talking dryers.  I have had both new and used dryers in the past.  The majority of my dryers ended up dead long before the washers.  They seem to burn out when the pump goes out of the washer and I can’t get Chris to have someone take a look at it.  The other thing with a dryer you really don’t know how well someone took care of it.  Did they clean that lint filter often enough?  That alone can cost you your dryer. So for me a dryer would be one of those items you buy new.
I purchased my refrigerator new and have only had two used refrigerators in my life.  My 90+ Uncle died back in the early 80’s and I got his fridge. It was my favorite fridge.  It had the freezer on the bottom and only one door for the refrigerator part. The only other one we had used was the one we used when we moved into this house.  The previous owners left it here. It worked better than the one we had at the old house. 
New vs. used
DISHWASHER.     I never really thought about this one.  I would say new because you never know how the water was at the old house and how much they used it.  Then again, if you can find a good reconditioned one go for it.  I would still say NEW
OVEN.                   This could be either depending on how much you bake. I bake lots so I say new.  If you don’t bake much and can find this reconditioned buy it used.  In fact if I found this factory reconditioned I would probably buy it used.  But the way it is now, I would say NEW
REFRIGERATOR.  I thought this would be a toss up, but no I would say try and get this new.  Lets face it. The refrigerator runs more than any other appliance except the hot water heater.  This should be as efficient as possible. I would say that unless you can get a factory reconditioned one that is maybe a year or two old always buy the new.  The more bells and whistles on it the newer you should try and get it.  This stinks because they are sooo very expensive but you really only buy so many in a lifetime.  
WASHER.        Used.  By the next time I have to buy a different washer the front loaders will come down in price and they will cost so much less used!  New ones have all the settings and stuff, but how often do you use them?  I use one setting on mine.  The only thing I do is change the water setting and the time.
DRYER.          For me, New.  For others, you decide.  I rarely use my dryer for drying my clothes all the way.  Usually I put my clothes on the clothesline outside and run the stiff things through the dryer for 20 minutes a load.  Even then I usually combine loads so 2 loads on the line end up being 1 load in the dryer.
FREEZER.   I don’t have one, but I really want one.  I have never had a new one and my electric bill has never been that much more or less when I did have one.  So for me USED is the way to go.
SMALL APPLIANCES.   New or used would depend on the price of the appliance or what it is you want. I have a Kitchen Aid food processor that I bought factory reconditioned.  I love it.  I will buy reconditioned again when I need one.  I buy most of my “good” appliances from  I have bought a factory reconditioned Dell computer and the Kitchen Aid food processor.  Like I said I will consider doing it again.  
Now a toaster?  Walmart, Target or anywhere else will work. If , when my mixer dies, and I can find a reconditioned Kitchen Aid mixer I will buy it.  Then I can let you know how it. goes. 

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