Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has lots of fun this holiday weekend!  Should be a very quiet one here at home. We plan on heading out to downtown Melbourne to pick up a couple bottles of wine at Casbah Wines. We may even catch a movie!  We don’t get out much so I am really excited!

This place is awesome!

I got my grain grinder recently.  We are going to set this up in my garage this weekend. too.  This is not electric.  It is a manual grinder.  We are moving a table into the garage until Chris can build a new one.

I ordered my coffee beans today.  So thrilled!  I only ordered 3 pounds.  Not a really great cost savings, but I wanted to be safe rather than sorry.  I can handle drinking 3 pounds of bad coffee, but not 15 pounds.  I don’t think it will be bad, just a learning experience.

This little guys was looking into my house this morning.  Not sure why he was on my screen looking in, but maybe he wanted to be safe from the heat.

He left not long after I took these.  Maybe the mean mocking bird was to close for comfort?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Be safe and enjoy!  Be sure to let me know how you made a creative living weekend out of this weekend!


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