A Happy Mother’s Day Post.

22 years ago tomorrow my husband and I brought our youngest child home .  That was the end of celebrating mothers day for me.  We never really had an abundance of money so birthdays took the cake so to speak. The thing is she really is my mother’s day gift that keeps on giving.  I had a miscarriage the year before she was born on Memorial day weekend.  Each of my kids are the greatest gift I have ever had, but the blessing of a child after that loss was amazing. 

As I prepare for the weekend,  I have Mother’s day cards to purchase for all of my kids.  They are all mothers, becoming mothers for the first time, or married to a mother.  We are having our youngest daughter and son with their families over on Saturday to celebrate her birthday and mothers day.  Then Sunday, our eldest daughter will be here with our son and their families for Mother’s day. 

Baking and cleaning take center stage this day.  I need to make the chocolate cake that I found on smittenkitchen.com and a Mexican hot chocolate butter cream icing,  I am making a cheesecake for my son who does not like chocolate.  For shame on him!  My daughter has requested pumpkin muffins and cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Saturday.  Looks like my next few posts will be about food. 

The thoughts that go through my head as we head into this weekend is how my role has changed.  I’m still Mom, but now I have more of a supportive role rather than a front and center role.  Now I listen and support.  I give them advice when asked.  I respect their marriages and parenting skills.  I am in awe of how they make a world with spouses, kids, school, and jobs. 

I can give you all kinds of examples of how wonderful my 4 kids are, but I won’t.  I will give you one because right now our middle daughter is the only one who is a mother with 2 kids (my son will get his tribute on Father’s day).  She has 2 young boys that she is devoted to. She has a military husband who is gone most of the time.  This makes her Mom and Dad a lot of the time.  She does not work outside of the home, but she takes college classes online while being the only parent around.  She does all the school work online after the kids go to bed.  She battles shingles and bells palsy pretty regularly.  She is under 30, but keeps it all together despite everything.  She really is a hero to me. 

We wanted to raise our kids to be kind and loving adults.  To be able to face the world and pick themselves backup when life knocked them down.  We wanted them to have self esteem and the ability to make decisions for themselves. I think we have done this. They have grown to be exactly what we hoped and even more.  I, for one, am thrilled with my new role.  I am learning it everyday.  Each of my kids and their kids teach me how lucky I am.

Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing Moms who I know and will know!


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