African Black Soap, My miracle cure for my acne!

I just love mornings that I wake up on my own with the sun shining into my bedroom.  I get so much more done than when the alarm goes off and I am bleary eyed.  I already vacuumed my room, made my bed, picked up all the clothes to wash, put the bird outside, and fertilized all the flowers in the front. Of course the  humidity is so high that I am sweating like crazy!

Today I want to talk about acne.  You see I am over 40 and still getting acne.  At least I was until I found this stuff called African black soap.  As I said I am over 40 so wrinkles are a worry and acne got in the way of fighting the wrinkles. The pimples were hard and they hurt like crazy.  I went on line and searched for ways to fight acne naturally along with wrinkles.  Raw African Black Soap seemed to fit the bill.

gAfrican Black soap is made primarily in Western Africa.  Mostly in Ghana.  The best definition I have found comes from Bella Online the voice of women. African Culture Site

” Leaves and bark of various trees and plants are first burned in a kettle or vat. These may be leaves from banana trees, plantain skins, leaves and bark, palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, shea tree bark, etc.

Water is then added to the ashes and then filtered. Oils such as shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, and cocoa butter are added to this water to create the soap. The soap is then hand stirred by local women for at least a day and then set out to cure for two weeks. Each region and tribe have their own recipe that has been handed down through generations. The color of African Black Soap varies depending on the region it’s made in since the availability of the ingredients varies. African Black Soap from coastal regions of Africa contains a higher percentage of coconut oil whereas soap from the interior regions contains more shea butter.”

Raw African Black Soap

African Black soap can be used on your face, your body, and your hair.  It has been said to do many things from getting rid of rashes to getting rid of acne to helping you prevent wrinkles.  A quick web search will answer your questions if you are interested.

 A pound can cost you as little as $7.50.   You don’t need much and it lasts quite a while for me.  I slice a small brick off and place it on a soap dish in my bathroom.  The bar does leave soap traces so you don’t want to leave it on the sink.  It seems to have astringent like properties too.  I wash my face every night with this and then use water in the morning.  My youngest daughter has used it in her hair and in the shower and she loves it.  My daughter in law has issues with reddening of her face and acne.  This stuff worked wonders for her.

 I purchase mine at the local African woman beauty supply.  You can order this online with Ebay or elsewhere. It is a wonderful product.   It also profits the women of Africa to some extent.

Be careful when looking for this.  You will find many different brands saying that they are Black soap, but if they are black they are not this product. They may contain many of the same ingredients, but they don’t seem to work as well, plus they are died black. The water runs black when you wash your face and I just don’t like the mess from it.  It also doesn’t seem to work as well.

I have to say that since I started using this I no longer have huge pimples that hurt so much.  My face is clearer and feels better than before as for the wrinkles I can’t really tell you if they are better as I am far more critical of me than others.

The best thing about this is that I no longer search the skin cleansers at the stores to find stuff to wash my face.  This product removes my make up and cleanses without stripping the oils away.  I also no longer waste loads of money on cleansers that don’t seem to work for me.Huffy Berserk 20-In. Boys Bike

Now I have used Olive oil to wash my face and it was okay, but I still got lots of acne with a greasy face.  I decided to tell you about this as this is one of my ways to creative living!

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