Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  One of those holidays that we Americans just love to celebrate that mean very little anywhere else.  I love these holidays.  My holiday menu is chicken fajitas with either spanish rice or refried beans. I plan on making a nice Champagne Sangria to go with!  Just love making holiday meals.

My love of history is making me tell you this.  Cinco De Mayo means 5th of May.  This is celebrated here is the US and in a few regions of Mexico.  It is called the day of the battle of Puebla in Mexico.  Here in the US we celebrate the Mexican culture kind of like we celebrate St. Patrick’s day for Irish culture.    In Mexico it is celebrated as a day that the Mexicans defeated a very strong French army.  Geesh it had to be the French didn’t it?  Anyway, the Mexican Army had next to no chance to defeat the French and defeat them they did.  Quite a feat. The battle took place in the Mexican State of Puebla.   One last thing to note historically, Mexican Independence day is in September, not May.   

For now I am just sitting here being lazy.  Been searching Pinterest for new ideas of foods to make and drinking coffee.  I have a huge task in front of me today.  I will post pictures of what I mean on a future post.  I am cleaning a house that hasn’t been clean in 2 years.

The main part of the house will be very little issue, but the bathrooms are so disgusting!  I have never seen bathrooms this bad,  I am heading to Wal Mart to pick up a couple of things I need and then I am going to clean.  The water is really hard there and I will need to get rust off of the walls of the shower, and the build up in the toilets are atrocious!

What a test to my home made solutions! Anyway I will let you know whether the house is too tough for my home made stuff or if this stuff really works well!

Happy Saturday Morning and remember to take time to enjoy the small things, like clean bathrooms!


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