Home made Fabric Softener

Today is a catch up day.  Yesterday I spent hours searching for a site on line that sold “green” coffee beans.  The reason?  To roast my own coffee beans of course.  Found a few sites, but still looking for one with no or limited shipping charges.    Will let you know what I find.  Of course I’ll post my findings.

Have you ever had one of those days that you reach for something and it isn’t there or there is so little of it that it won’t do the job you have planned?  That was my day today.  I wanted yogurt this morning and there is very little of it left.  Just enough to use as a starter for my homemade yogurt.  The worse part is that I heated the milk last night and left it in the refrigerator so now it is sitting on the counter warming up to put in the yogurt maker.

The windows are closed and the house is a little stuffy to me.  Reached for the air freshener and there was a few drops left.  So I just made that.  I’m updating my notebook with ideas and today I need to make croutons.

The to do list is not so bad now.  I need to make my window cleaner, and some all purpose cleaner.  We have chicken enchiladas left over from yesterday, I need to make croutons like I said, plan dinner, bake some bread and make some Madelyn’s.  I also need to squeeze a lemon to clean the toilets today.  More on that another day!

Today it is all about the Fabric Softener.  The only thing my husband complains about when I use my laundry detergent is that when it is hot and humid (Which it is a lot here in Florida) and he sweats at work (which he does a lot too) his shirts smell musty.  This was something my friend Laura and I discussed when I was in Michigan.  It is kind of embarrassing to be the smelly one.

You can add baking soda to the wash and vinegar to the rinse, but that doesn’t always work to combat the humidity and heat around here.  Sometimes you just want the clothes to have a fresh smell.

Now when I wash my towels it is a vinegar rinse.  About 1/2 a cup will soften the towels and make them absorbent.  Just experiment with it and you will find the perfect amount for you. You don’t want the clothes to smell like a giant salad!

The rest of your clothes can use this handy dandy fabric softener that will soften your clothing and make them smell nice. Plus it is very inexpensive and lasts for a while.  You even get to choose the scent.

the 3 ingredients.  Cheap conditioner, vinegar, and hot water. 

Before I get started I have to say I got this off of Pinterest and thefrugalgirls.com.   I have to give credit where credit is due.  This is so good that I can’t improve it.  If you can please let me know!

Home Made Fabric Softener

6 Cups HOT water
3 Cups White Vinegar
2 cups or 18 oz of conditioner

Combine all ingredients.   Let cool and add to a large bottle.  I used an empty vinegar bottle.

Finished bottle of Fabric Softener!

The girls over at thefrugalgirls.com say to use 2 Tablespoons in a downy ball.  I just use the cap from an old fabric softener bottle and add to the softener dispenser in my washer.   I used White Rain coconut conditioner because it was one of the smells they have at the Dollar Tree that I likes.  I also used a green apple scent that was much better. Here is the thing. If you purchase the Conditioner at the Dollar Tree for $1, The vinegar is maybe $.50 so you could spend $1.50 plus tax for a little over a half gallon of fabric softener.

I also use this fabric softener recipe as my base for the air freshener that I wrote about back in
http://creativeliving2011.blogspot.com/2012/02/making-my-smell-amazing.html.  I have changed this recipe though.  I like to be able to smell what I am spraying so I increased the fabric softener to 1/4 Cup of Fabric Softener.

There it is, my answer to musty smelling clothes when you use home made laundry soap and the weather is humid and hot.  Just one more way to live a creative living life!


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