Solar batteries stink!

Really, really they are terrible! Most people have those solar lights aligning the walk ways of our American homes.  I do.  I love them.  They light up the way from my drive way to the door of my house.  We bought these when we moved into this house.  We lost one light every so often.  Not the actual light.  The light went out.  We thought about replacing the solar lights and then thought no, it may just be the battery.  So we went looking for solar batteries.  WOW!  Have you seen the price of these things?  $3 per battery.  We have close to 10 solar lights along the walkway in the front yard.  That means $30 just for the batteries.  We could replace each light for that price!

Chris kept telling me how the batteries were garbage and I thought he was overreacting.  Silly me!  We bought a couple of solar tiki lights for the canopy and a ball solar light to hang from the center of the canopy. The lights lasted a couple of weeks before they went out.

Just before Christmas Chris went on line searching for cheap solar batteries and there were none. He looked up replacements on Google.  People were saying that they used normal batteries in the solar lights.  He saw videos of the “normal” batteries recharging.  He read where all batteries recharge not just solar batteries.  He went out and bought a package of Ray O Vac AA batteries and replaced all the solar batteries with the Ray O Vac’s.  We both figured what do we have to lose?  It is now 4 months later and those solar lights are still going strong.  I have opened the battery compartment on all the solar lights and inspected them.  There is no corroding or battery damage.

We replaced the solar batteries in the Tiki lights and the ball solar light.  They seem to work just fine.  A warning I would say is please don’t try to put “normal” batteries into an electrical battery charger. I have no idea what would happen, but the stuff inside is more expensive than the solar lights outside.

We purchased enough batteries for our solar lights for $8 and replaced all of our solar batteries.  We saved $22 by doing this. 

I think this is a great way to have a creative living life!


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